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Your home is where you truly LIVE

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Your home is where you truly LIVE, and the living room of your house is where life happens; kids playing, family movie night, marathons of your favourite shows and long conversations topped off with a glass of wine.
If your home is your oasis, your living room is the fresh spring of delicious water that feeds your soul. What happens when your living room lighting casts a dingy yellow glow, or when the bulbs you’ve installed flicker or burn out?
Traditional filament, halogen and fluorescent bulbs are part of a dying breed of home lighting. Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs burn hot, give off yellow, headache-inducing light, and burn out in a few months (if not days). While fluorescent lights offer brighter light, they tend to take longer to “warm up”, flicker and still burn out regularly. Consider investing in the eco-friendly, money-saving, long-lasting LED bulb.


Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting in your Living RoomSpiral 5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

Whether you currently have or plan to install recessed lighting in your living room, the Lightwell GU10 bulb is the best bulb for your spotlight fixtures. The GU10 LED bulb offers downward lighting with up to 90º of angle coverage. Not only that, this bulb is “warm” in colour which means it’s perfect for lighting your home living spaces.

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Reading Lamps

Reading LampsGolf Ball Shape LED Bulb

Your living room reading lamps could use the golf ball type LED bulb which fits most lamps. This bulb offers bright, crisp light so you can read for hours without the headaches and burning eyes you get from the poor quality light and flickering of halogen and incandescent bulbs.

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Pendant Lighting

Pendant LightingClassic 5 Watt LED Bulb

For pendant lights with shades the classic shape B22 and E27 are recommended. These LED bulbs provide light in a wide scope which allows you play a board game or deep clean your rugs without worry of missing a speck of dirt or a precious moment. These bulbs come in warm and cool colours but “warm” is best for living rooms.

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Sconce Lighting

Chandelier LED BulbsE14 Filament Candle LED Bulb

If you have sconce or chandelier lighting fixtures in your living room, the E14 candle LED bulbs offer a good looking, brighter alternative to the traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs that often flicker and burn out, leaving the unsightly singed area at the bottom of the bulb. Just because it’s made to look like a flame doesn’t mean it should appear burnt and yellow.

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You’re in Control

You're in control with LEDLED bulbs and fixtures often come with dimmable capabilities—that means you can control the intensity and brightness of your living room lighting. Brighter for family fun, very dim for movie watching, and warm and cozy for nights alone with your special someone; with LEDs YOU choose how you use your lighting.

Living well with LEDs is simple when you know the bulb you need and where to get it. LightRabbit, the UK and Ireland’s most trusted LED provider, has a wide range of LEDs for every socket in your home. Visit the website for product information or to learn more about the technology behind the LED, and how your home, your wallet and the environment benefit from your investment.

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