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LEDs really can be considered universal lighting, with the technology having evolved to the extent that you can replace any kind of light with a more energy-efficient alternative.  LightRabbit stocks LED spotlights, LED bulbs and capsules and commercial LED lighting solutions for all applications. Here’s a quick guide to our selection of LED products.

LED Spotlights For Around the Home, Office and Practical Work Space

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LightRabbit's GU10 replacement bulbs are available in 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 6.5W and 7W. We also stock non-fire rated down lights in both cool and warm white. Our LEDs are designed to maximise light output while using minimal electricity to do it.

We also stock 3,5W, 6W and 6W MR16 LED bulbs with beam angles ranging from 45 to 120-degrees. Our MR11 LED bulb is the 2.4W GU4/12 SMD 5050 SMD, which has a 180 lumen output.

LED Bulbs and Capsules for Every Application

LightRabbits LED bulbs and capsules include E27 bulbs, B22 bulbs, G9 bulbs, E14 bulbs, B15 bulbs and G4 bulbs.

Our range of E27 bulbs is extensive, featuring LED replacement bulbs from 3W to 30W, in both dimmable and non-dimmable options. If you are searching for Bayonet Cap or B22 bulbs, ours range from 3W to 20W. Our G9 Capsules all have a wide beam angle of 260-degrees and range from 2W to 5W. The E14 or Small Edison Screw Cap is available in dimmable and non-dimmable options with beam angles ranging from 120 to 360-degrees. We have a 4W B15 LED or Small Bayonet Cap in stock, as well as G4 Capsules ranging from 1W to 3.5W, with beam angles of 180 to 360 degrees.

Converting energy efficient LED lights from LightRabbit can help you to save 90% of the current cost of your electricity. Of course, the more light bulbs you convert, the greater the saving you can expect. LightRabbit provides universal lighting for every application.

Commercial LED Solutions

LightRabbit can help our commercial and industrial customers make significant savings on electricity with our range of energy efficient LEDs. These range from T5/T8 tube lights to 2D LED Lamps and Light Panels.

To read more about our universal lighting solutions and how LEDs can help you to save more on your electricity at the end of every month, visit LightRabbit.

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