Light Up Your Commercial Building or Warehouse with High Bay LED Lighting

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High Bay LED LightsCommercial and industrial buildings require good quality lighting to enable workers to carry out their jobs and activities. Both the amount and quality of light is essential for creating a safe and comfortable work space and high bay LED lighting satisfies both criteria. When the lighting satisfies quality and quantity, employees are more likely to perform better and be more productive, not to mention the energy savings that can be recouped when energy efficient technology and LED Bulbs are employed. Learn more about High Bay Lighting.

The interior of the commercial or industrial building is important to create a space that reflects light. Light colours are reflective of light while dark colours absorb it. Care should be taken to ensure that the surfaces and paint scheme inside the building complement the LED lighting.


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Why buy high bay LED lights?

High Bay LED lights provide a balanced brightness ratio, control glare better and eliminate lamp flickering to make the work place safer and more secure.

For glare control, lower wattage UK LED fixtures are recommended, so that individual lights are not too bright. Areas that have constant or heavy traffic should be lit consistently so that workers do not experience transition problems when their eyes have to adjust to the different levels of light. In some areas it may be better to maintain the light at a lower level than to have the area immersed completely in darkness.


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How to Position LED High Bay Lighting

Computer screens and control panels should be faced away from bright lights and windows. Bright fixtures should be elevated above the normal line of sight. You may need to focus some of the light at the ceiling to reduce the light contrast.

The flickering and strobe light effect emitted by fluorescent lights, with magnetic ballasts, and HIDs can be eliminated simply by replacing them with High Bay LED Lamps.

It is also important to note that a 40 year old worker will require twice as much light to perform their work compared to a 20 year old so your LED lighting solution needs to be constructed according to the needs and ages of your workforce.

To capitalise on the energy saving and cost-reducing properties of LED Bulbs you should also consider having switches installed so that the lights can be controlled and switched off when the building, or certain parts of it, are not in use. Machines and equipment can also be set to switch off automatically at certain times, as they also draw a lot of power to run. 


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