Totally Switched ON…Then OFF Again: LED Light Timer Switches

Have you ever left for work in the morning, rushing to get the train, and forget to turn off the light in the hallway or entry way? Well, while you’re at work all day, your halogen bulbs are burning precious energy and running up your energy bill. When you walk through your front door, after a long day of toil, you’re met with a dingy yellow light, and the annoyance of knowing that you’ll pay for your forgetfulness when the post comes at the end of the month.

So, what can be done about your forgetfulness? Honestly, you can be as forgetful as you want as long as you replace your traditional halogen light fixtures and bulbs with the new technology of LED lighting fixtures and LED bulbs. Not only can you save tons of money each year by switching to this energy efficient, eco-friendly lighting option, you can also order a few LED light timer switches to help with your early morning rush hour forgetfulness; you also could also buy a LED dimmer switch for your led lights.

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When you install an LED light timer switch on your hallway, entry way, or even bathroom LED light fixtures, you can rest assured that even if you forget to shut off the light when you leave, the timer will shut the lights off for you after a preset amount of time has passed. Think of it as a time lag switch.

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Most LED light timer switches are factory set to turn off after two minutes, but if you’re using the loo (taking a bath, putting on your face, or just taking a relaxing potty break), you’d hate to have to turn the light on again. If you’d like your LED light timer switch to stay on longer, you can set it to 10 or even 20 minutes by carefully rotating the timer arm on the reverse of the switch in small increments. Your dimmable LED lights should be compatible with a LED dimmer switch. 

Because LED light bulbs and LED light fixtures save you money by consuming less energy and creating more light, and because LED light timer switches can turn off your LED lights for you, you can literally saves thousands of pounds a year – even if you are forgetful.

Do you want to know more about the usability, ease of use, and money-saving features of LED lights and LED light timer switches? Well, you can do some research online, or you can contact the LED lighting specialists at LightRabbit, the UK and Ireland’s #1 online LED lighting supplier. To see our selection of LED light switches or our growing inventory of LED light bulbs, fixtures and accessories, visit LightRabbit today!

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