Let The G9 LED Light Up Your Home

Let the G9 LED light up your home

G9 LED Bulbs
G9 LED bulbs
can be used to replace traditional halogen bulbs but they use 90% less electricity to do so, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. When you purchase a UK LED bulb from LightRabbit you can also look forward to a 24-month warranty on your purchase. You will also recover the cost of your investment in UK LED lamps within six months of the transition.

LightRabbit also offers bulk order discounts on LED lighting, designed to help you save even more when you become energy efficient. There are a few different types of G9s available, some are available in cool white and others in both cool and warm white, making them versatile enough to use throughout the home.

A G9 using only 3W,  still manages to produce light to the equivalent of a 25W traditional globe. It produces 250 lumens of light and has a very wide beam angle of 360º which ensures excellent light quality. 
It is also available with a dimmable option.

LED lighting makes for ideal Bathroom lights, providing elegance and functionality for evenings and early mornings. G9 LED bulbs can be used as downlights around the bathroom and provide the perfect complement to a centre light.

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Incorporate LED Lighting Into Every Room of Your Home

G9 LED lightsG9 LED lights

You can have wall lighting in your bathroom or use LED bulbs on either side of the mirror, or you can have suspended or recess at the mirror.

You will also need decent quality task lights around your bath and shower. Recessed downlights work well to highlight a shower or even some indoor plants. The bath is quite versatile when it comes to lighting, as there are a few options you could incorporate, depending on where the bath is positioned. A central light works well on a centred, standalone bath while recessed downlights are best for a corner bath or bath and shower combo.

G9s can also be incorporated in kitchens and in areas like passages and corridors. They also make good spotlights for art pieces and paintings in the home, or as focus lights for plants or décor on your patio.

Wherever you decide to integrate LED lighting, you can do so with the peace of mind that you are saving yourself money and maintenance time in the long run. Of course, because they run on so little electricity and are low maintenance they can become attractive décor pieces of their own.

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