LEDs Lighting up Landmarks

LED Lighting is Now Used to Light Up the Worlds Favourite Landmarks

The birth of the LED completely revolutionised the world. Our friend the Light Emitting Diode has been the world’s most energy efficient light source for 53 years now, and they are definitely here to stay. We’ve seen consistent exponential grown in their output and efficiency over the years, and current projections for this fascinating piece of technology show that LEDs will be illuminating 61 per cent of the lighting market by 2020.

LEDs provide the most efficient and cost effective lighting solutions around, and can cut your energy bill by reducing energy consumption by nearly 50 per cent. This helps you do your part for both the environment and your wallet. On top of this, LEDs are such incredible pieces of technology with such an amazingly long life that an LED in an infant’s room probably wouldn’t need changing until they move out for college!

The Whitehouse, the Empire State Building, and even the Eiffel Tower are all illuminated by these high quality, long life, energy saving light sources which save the environment, cost less and are much brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you’ve ever wanted to know why you should choose LEDs, check out our incredible infographic below.

LED Infographic


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