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LED strip lights are one of the most utilised forms of LED lighting in the world. Why? Well, not only are beautiful and versatile, they can be the only thing standing between people and danger. When disaster strikes, when the lights go out, when people begin to panic LED strip lights are there to help keep things calm, keep people moving, and provide light for those who are lending a hand.

Light the Way

There are many locations where people gather where disasters may strike. For instance, a crowded theatre is overflowing with people eager to see the newest serving from the US, but suddenly the power blows and the whole room is washed in frightful darkness…the whole room except the floors. Along the aisle you’ll find a line of LED strip lights which are there to direct theatre patrons to the nearest exit. Not only did the LED strip lights help light the way, it also helped calm the patrons who were immediately comforted when the little light came on.

Important Illumination

LED Strip LightsLED Strip LightsLED Strip Lights

In hospitals and ambulances, where human life hangs in the balance, LED strip lights can provide emergency lighting for cabinets, work spaces, and counters where critical items are stored or where delicate work is taking place.

The beauty of the LED strip light is that when the power goes out during an emergency, the generator will kick on and the LED strips lights, which consume very little energy, can stay lit for many hours. LED strip lights come in a variety of lengths, colours, and have the option of using a remote.

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