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LED Strip – 60 x 5730 SMD LED Chips Per Metre - UltraBright EDITION ! – 2.5m Roll

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3500 Lumens 200W Replacement YES Dimmable 36W Wattage 180° Beam Angle

Uses 90% less energy

Lasts up to 30 years

5 Years Warranty

£ 20.27

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Warm White is similar to conventional lighting and has a softer feel. - Perfect for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Cool White is a brighter, whiter light. - More suited for the Bathroom and Kitchen

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Cool White £20.27

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*Based on 8 hours use per day and 10 lights
  • RRP
    IP Rating
    Light Colour
    Warm White / Cool White
    5730 SMD
    Average Life
    45,000 Hours
    CE / ROHS
    RoHS, CE
    Equivalent To
    Beam angle
    Kitchen Cabinet Strip Lights
  • Product Description


    These High efficiency ultra-bright non-waterproof 5730 LED strip lights are great for indoor use in the kitchen or bathroom, in the office or at work.

    LED strip lights offer the highest intensity, brightness and even distribution of light. These ribbon lights are a *new - super bright bright version providing greater efficiency over there SMD5050 predecessors. They feature 60 LED lights per metre, totaling 150 LEDs per 2.5 metre roll featuring genuine 3M self-adhesive backing for super easy installation..

    LED strips illuminate instantly and produce a bright continuous light housed in an slim (10 mm) non-waterproof flexible design that come in a range of sizes and colours to suit most applications. LED lighting strip in its essence, is a continuous row of LEDs that have been soldered together with resistors to form a circuit. LEDs are low voltage and require a 12 volt DC power supply.

    Ideal for: sign lighting, cupboard and cabinet lighting, edge lighting for steps, door frames, shelf lighting, edge lighting, lighting for under kitchen cabinets and cupboards. The list is endless so get creative.

    The intensity of the light is dependent upon the quantity and length of LEDs.
    You will require: one 36W power supply for a single strip or if using two strips daisy-chained together a 72W power supply is required. You also have the option of cutting the strip at least once without having to make new connections. All static 5730 LED strip lights must not exceed 5 metres (2 x 2.5m rolls) in length. Basic installations can be done in a matter of minutes as the strips can be stuck directly using the 3M self-adhesive backing. Plug the power supply straight into a standard wall socket and the job is done.

    Can I Cut my LED Strip Lights?  While it is possible to get your lights cut by a professional, the process is so simple that you can also do it yourself. If, for example, you find that your strip lights is slightly too long for the area in which you plan to install it, you can chop a section off the end to make it fit. Alternatively, if you have a large, single strip of LEDs, but you would prefer two separate pieces, you can cut the strip in half.

    LED Strip Lights can be cut at 5 or 10 cm intervals, depending on the type of strip light purchased. The "cutting points" are clearly marked with a straight line. To separate your strip lights, cut along the line using a pair of scissors or craft knife. Always make sure the tool you are using is sharp, as a blunt tool could potentially cause damage to the circuit board and components.

    Due to their design, LED Strip Lights will continue to work even after they have been cut. This is because their circuit is completely closed at each cutting point. If you are removing a section from the end of your strip light, always make sure you are cutting it at the end away from the connector.

    If you are cutting you strip lights into two parts and plan to use them as two separate installations, you will also have to do a bit of soldering. At each cutting point there should be a series of solder points (circular metal discs), 2 in the case of single colour lights and 4 in the case of colour changing RGB. To attach a new length of 2 core or 4 core cable, you will need to solder the wires to their corresponding solder points (which should be clearly marked for this purpose).

    Soldering isn't a difficult task, but obviously requires the requisite tools, which most people don't own. Asking an electrician to do the soldering on your behalf will also work out to be fairly expensive as you are of course paying for their time.



    Strip lights can also be powered through a transformer instead of a compatible power supply; both of which we supply. With an RGB strip, a controller (sold separately) is also required to be installed so that you can operate the lights.



    Episode 1 from our 'How To' series demonstrates how easily our single colour LED Strips can be installed...

  • Additional Information

    LightRabbit® is a trusted brand; we invest extensively to ensure the highest possible quality control standards whilst also sourcing the latest LED technology available. We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, offering an extensive 5-year warranty and 45-day no quibble - money back guarantee on all our products to ensure you the customer are 100% satisfied with your final purchase.

    These LED strip lights are a highly versatile solution for any application where you are wanting to create an ambiance or mood using LED lights. Your new LED strip lights are incredibly easy to install and come with sticky 3M backing making fitting a breeze. As with all LED products you will continue to make the same massive savings off current energy bills over the expected 45,000 hours lifespan of the strip.


    • Benefit from our bulk buy and save options. If you have any support questions please call our committed customer services team on 0800 080 3201 or alternatively we can assist you using our Live Chat service.


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LED Strip – 60 x 5730 SMD LED Chips Per Metre - UltraBright EDITION ! – 2.5m Roll

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I have bought 10 m of LED Strip connected together - which LED driver shall I buy with to connect them ? Thanks

Hello, For 10m you will need a driver over 144w or two 72w drivers. Thank you.

Hello, When it say dimmable-YES does that mean they are dimmable from the Mains dimmer switch? Thanks.

Hello and thank you for your question. These lights are dimmable but use 12v so you will need to use a 12v dimmer switch ( between the transformer and the lights. Thank you.

Hi, Looking for strip lighting for under my wall cupboards in the kitchen. I have 2 cupboards then a extractor hood and then the cupboards continue. So what would I need to make this work, as I have the break in between? Thanks,

Hello, What you could use for the break would be our cable extension for LED strips which you would attach between the two parts of strip. also you could use two different drivers to power both sides separately. Thank you,

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