LED Review: Philips Master LED and Superior 6W GU10 COB LED

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Converting all the bulbs in your home to energy efficient lamps, or LEDs, makes a significant difference to your energy consumption, and the amount of money you spend every month on utilities. That part is easy enough; all it requires is a change in mind set. Finding your way around all the different brands that are available can be the tricky part. That’s why we have decided to take a look at two different products to see how they compare. We’ll be looking at the Philips Master LED and LightRabbit’s Superior 6W GU10 COB LED Spotlight, to see how they perform in terms of efficiency and price.

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Take a look at our Superior 6w COB GU10 LED Bulb 580 Lumens

The Superior 6W GU10 COB LED Spotlight (60W equivalent) from LightRabbit

This high performance LED is available in cool and warm white and is the perfect replacement for a 60W standard halogen lamp. It emits 580 lumens of light at a 60-degree beam angle. This bulb is ideal for use as recessed ceiling lights, down lights or spotlights. It has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, or 30 years. Remarkably, this small piece of technology uses 90% less power than its traditional halogen counterpart. And, when you buy from LightRabbit you also receive a five-year warranty on the product so it’s a pretty safe way to experiment and find the bulb that works for you. This bulb is a very cost effective and high performance lamp you can look forward to having for at least half a decade.

Philips Master 6W GU10 LED Bulb

The Philips Master LED GU10 6W

This is another high performance LED bulb that is a pleasure to switch on. It produces light the equivalent of a 40W halogen bulb (300 Lumens) at a 40 degree beam angle. It produces a warm light beam, very similar to a halogen but using significantly less power. In terms of lifespan it is almost as good as the  LightRabbit product but lasts only 40,000 hours. It is also slightly higher priced per bulb. If you use it for around 6,000 hours a year you can expect to recover the costs of installing the new lamp within one year.


Either of these provides an ideal 'retrofit' for a halogen bulb and, if you are in the hospitality business or own a big house, this will reduce your maintenance requirements substantially. However, if you are looking for a powerful light source from LED GU10's, then LightRabbit has the answer with our new Superior 6W GU10 COB spotlight.

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