Creative LED Lights for the Home

Creative LED Lighting


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LED light bulbs are more than just energy efficient, cost effective, long lasting, lighting options they are also incredibly versatile works of art that can literally be showcased in the home when used in creative ways.


In the Bathroom

Recessed LED LightingBathroom LED Strip Lighting

Recessed lighting using LEDs are a practical and brilliant way to illuminate your shower. Many showers are left in the dark which can make getting squeaky clean a difficult tasks. But when you install recessed LED lighting fixtures you can make sure every nook and cranny is as clean as can be. Also, putting waterproof LED strip lights around the mirror can create a glowing frame for your reflection, or you can line the edge of your bathtub for a romantic, spa-like feel. Get adventurous and try LED strip lights in green, blue, and yellow.

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In the Kitchen

Kitchen LED LightingKitchen LED Lighting

Kitchen cabinets are quite often the darkest part of the room. When you reach into the back of your cupboard do you know what you’re reaching for? Can you look in and find what you need without squinting your eyes and cursing the dimness of those cheaply made and installed overhead fluorescent lights? Do away with the blind cupboard fishing and install LED directional lighting like down lights or spotlights. If your kitchen is like every other kitchen in the UK, the area under your cupboards is dark. LED strip lights or LED LightBars are perfect for use in providing light under cupboards. They are easily installed and can be turned on with a switch or remote. You can rid your kitchen of any dark spaces by installing high quality LEDs.

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In the Bedroom

Bedroom LED Lighting

Every bedroom deserves the chance to be an oasis. With traditional lighting, bedrooms are dingy yellow caverns where intimate moments lose intensity with every annoying bulb flicker. Don’t let your bedroom turn into a storage room where you sleep – bring it back from the brink by installing recessed lights or ceiling mounted LEDs. The bedroom is another place where LED strip lights can make a big difference. Strip lights can be installed around windows, mirrors, headboards, and dressers to provide the right amount of light where its needed most.

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Getting creative with LED lights for the home is a fun way to invest in your property. With LED lights, you can make your home look great and you can save money each month on your energy bill.

LightRabbit is a reliable and highly recommended LED lighting resource for the UK and Ireland. Contact us today to find out more about which LED lighting options will work best for your spaces.


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