LED Lighting in Your Home

LED Lighting in the home

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LED lighting is one of the most innovation forms of lighting in the world. Not only are LED bulbs cost effective, energy efficient, eco-friendly, and low maintenance they are also incredibly versatile. How can something so small and simple looking be as versatile as we say? Well, let’s take a quick tour through your home and show you where an LED light can only improve the space.

LED Lighting throughougt the Home

LED lighting in your living room can certainly create a specific mood. Using the typical GU10 LED bulb in Warm White, you can provide brilliant light in warm tones that brings a sence of comfort and welcome to your living space. Also, LED strip lighting along mirrors can add flair, especially when you choose strip lighting in one of several colours; red, green, white, blue and amber are just a few of the LED strip light colour options available through LightRabbit. If you want to focus attention on a display case or a wall hung masterpiece, you can employ the use of directional LEDs, such as our MR16 LED bulbs, which are designed to pinpoint light in one direction without obliterating your guests’ view.

LED lighting is also an exceptional choice in hallways and other small spaces; using LED bulbs in wall sconces will provide bright white or warm white light to guide you from your living room to your bedroom. Because LED bulbs are energy efficient, they are cool to the touch which means that no matter how narrow or small the space, the LED won’t add to the heat in the space, leaving you comfortable.

LED lighting in your bedroom can be as simple as a LED bulb installed in your bedside lamp in order to provide you with plenty of high quality light for reading. Also, LED strip lights can brighten up the top of your bureau as an addition to your already fabulous decorations. LED directional lighting is perfect for use in closets as is provides a lot of crisp, sharp light in a space where seeing every detail is important.

LED lighting in your bathroom can take the form of LED bulbs installed over the sink to provide brilliant light to aid in your daily hygienic routines. You can also purchase and install waterproof LED lights for use overhead in your shower to provide bright light where dingy yellow light has no place.

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