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Powerful LED Light Panels

If you own a Retail Unit, Shop or Store, Restaurant/ Cafe, Factory, Office or Supermarket, our LED Light Panels will be able to provide you with more light over a larger area than ever before. LightRabbit has recently introduced an exciting new range of LED Light Panels that produce lots of light and are energy efficient. These are super slim panels which ensure high powered LED lighting for any application...


Browse our range of LED Panel LightsBrowse our range of LED Panel Lights

Size Vs. Wattage Does it Matter?

Despite their sleek appearance the smallest of these LED light panels uses only 40W of electricity but still manages to generate 3,400 lumens. Its performance is comparable to that of a 200W incandescent lamp, in terms of its energy efficiency.


LED Panel Lights which can Inform & Advertise...

This kind of LED lighting is also ideal as Light Boxes or for Signage. They are especially useful in the sense that they do not attract flying insects, which can get trapped inside and make your light box dirty. LED bulbs do not emit UV light, which is the type of light flying insects are attracted to. If you further want to ensure insects are not a problem you can choose a Warm White LED lights that will provide sufficient illumination outdoors and will also discourage bugs.


Browse our range of LED Panel LightsBrowse our range of LED Panel Lights

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Lighting For Artistic and Creative Promotions

If you don’t want to use panels you can use Flexible Strips to create an LED light box. Strips are better for outdoor use because of their durability. Remember that if you install the power supply outside the box it will help to avoid dark spots showing up.

Whether you need a Promotional Board set up in the front window of a Retail store or you need to create signage for an Office or Factory our LED light panels will help you get your message across. Light panels and LED bulbs are also used by Photographers to provide evenly distributed lighting in studios and to illuminate corners and spaces which do not have any natural light penetrating them.


Use LED Bulbs and LED Panels to Light Up Your Garden

If you have an impressive garden with lots of leaves and foliage, introducing panels is a great way to introduce dramatic lighting into your outdoor space. Not only does it make your garden more visible and thus safer, but it also creates a visual feature of flower beds, tree silhouettes and water features that you can enjoy under the stars. By using LED bulbs and/ or Panels you will also make sure you run your lighting on little electricity and spend less money.You may also find our help articles about Outdoor LED lighting and our articles on LED Floodlights useful for gardens and outdoor spaces too.

LightRabbit is the only online LED suppliers with the selection and service you’re looking for. Visit us today and see why we’re #1 in the UK and Ireland. Read more about LED Light Panels here or click on the button below to browse our range.

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