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Help the planet stay green while saving money

Going Green has been one of the highest trending topics globally in the last 10 years. Recycling, conserving water, riding the Tube rather than taking your car – there are many ways to cut back on our carbon foot print and help the planet stay green while saving money.

To get the best deals on the best brands of LED bulbs in the UK and Ireland, visit LightRabbit and check out the enviable selection of LED bulbs we have on offer. Simply use the discount code LEDHutVoucher at checkout to get your high quality LED bulbs at 20% off*.

LightRabbit understands our consumers’ need to save money while still caring about the environment, which is why we work tirelessly to bring our customers only the best, highest quality, lowest cost LED light bulbs.

Going GreenOur LED bulbs are the most innovative bulbs on the market. Not only can you save money on your energy bill every month, you can actually SEE your energy bill every month is smaller – you aren’t squinting to see the fine print through the yellow haze of your halogen bulbs anymore. No, LEDs provide more light but consume less energy than traditional light bulbs. Halogens suck up energy, produce about 20% of that energy as light, and lose the other 80% into the room as heat – feel that? You can coddle your eggs on your desk lamp.

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With the popularity of LED bulbs in the UK, there are many, like our competitor LED Hut, who seek to make money selling LEDs on the market, but we can tell you honestly that you’ll never find a better bulb at a better price than at LightRabbit... Don’t believe us? Why not stop by our online store and do a bit of browsing and see for yourself the value for money which our LED lamps are. You’ll find only the top brands of LED bulbs right here at LightRabbit and you’ll find them at prices that blow our competition out of the water.

Still don’t believe us?

That’s a bit cheeky of us isn’t it? If you browse our inventory and find a LED bulb you need, just use the unique discount code LEDHutVoucher at check out for an additional 20% off your already low cost. That's the voucher code LED Hut Voucher all as one word with no spaces.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our selection of LED lamps, customer service and unbeatable prices, you’ll never visit another LED light bulb supplier online again. Just head to the check-out and type in LED HUT Voucher (again all as one word, no spaces) and you are sure to save even more on your next purchase be it trade order, commercial or domestic order... our "LED HUT" coupon code will save you money when used here online.

To learn more about LightRabbit, our selection, our prices, or the power of the LED, contact our customer service associates today.

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*LEDHUTVOUCHER code is valid for LED bulbs only. Commercial or already discounted products do not apply.

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