LED Light Bulbs vs. Halogen Light Bulbs

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Cooking with halogen

In the US, there is a small, classic child’s toy known as the Easy-Bake Oven. This “toy” was designed to allow children to literally bake cakes in their playrooms or bedrooms. We know what you’re thinking; “how do the cakes get baked without using heat? They don’t actually give children ovens, do they?” The answer is, of course not! The Easy-Bake Oven uses something much smaller, less dangerous, but still gives off heat – they use a specially made halogen bulb.

Yes, a halogen bulb. Just like the bulbs you use in the lamps and light fixtures in your home. You know – those bulbs that flicker, give off poor light, and heat up to ridiculously high temperatures within a few minutes? Yeah, those halogen bulbs.

We know that the lamps in your home aren’t meant to bake small sugary goods, so why do they have to get so hot? We like to call this, Halogen Hot and it occurs when the materials within the bulb work to produce light from the energy consumed. The typical halogen bulb consumes energy but only 20% of the energy consumed is made into light. The other 80% is wasted into the room as heat. This is where the Halogen Hot comes from.

LED Innovative Technology

On the flip-side of that is the LED light bulb. The LED bulb is made using innovative technology and eco-friendly materials that allow it to consume up to 85% less energy, but an astounding 80% of the energy consumed is produced into light. That leaves a piddling 20% of the energy lost as heat. This LED Hot isn’t really hot at all – you can touch the LED bulb, the bulb can rest against the lamp shade and can fit snuggly into a fire rated recessed lighting fixture. With LED bulbs and the less than fiery LED Hot, you can do anything with an LED bulb…except bake a cake.

If you want to replace those Halogen Hot bulbs in your home and save a lot of money, you need to consider LED bulbs which can be fitted directly into your existing fittings. The selection is huge - more so than halogen bulbs and prices have dropped big time due to mass production.

Halogen Hot might be able to bake cakes but you’ll lose money each month that you could be using to buy grown up size cakes. 

Now that is food for thought!

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