Why you Need to Switch to LED Halogen Replacement Bulbs

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For several decades, the tried and true lighting method in homes was lit candles, chandeliers, and roaring fireplaces. Luckily, the light bulb was invented and people could bring light into their homes that didn’t require wick and wax. After another century, incandescent light bulbs began to lose their lustre as more energy efficient lighting fixtures and methods were developed. Over the last decade, LED bulbs have become the new gold standard for home and commercial lighting.

While traditional halogen bulbs are cheaper and somewhat easier to find, studies have shown that most of the energy consumed by halogen bulbs (70%) is lost as heat. That means that all halogen bulbs will get extremely hot and give off mediocre light. If your home is suffused with dingy yellow halogen light bulbs, you need to switch your lighting choice to energy efficient, cost effective, bright white, pin point, cool to the touch LED light bulbs.

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When it comes to LED replacement for halogen bulb and the incandescent halogen bulb, there are major differences that shouldn’t be overlooked. Firstly, traditional halogen bulbs can overheat and cause fires. Not only that, they waste most of their energy producing heat rather than light. LED halogen bulbs use 80% of the energy consumed to produce light, that means that LED halogen bulbs are safe to touch and energy efficiently. Secondly, traditional halogen bulbs shatter easily, are often flawed in design, and must be replaced much more often than LED halogen bulbs. LED halogens are incredibly durable, have a near perfect design, and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of continuous use.

While 12 traditional halogen bulbs can be as cheap as £39.00, the average monthly cost of energy is £10.08. Compare these costs to the cost of 12 LED halogen replacement bulbs: £88.80 (12 GU10 LED bulbs @ £7.40 each) with a month’s energy cost of £0.93. You will literally pay off the cost of the LED halogens within 6 months!

So, you may initially question why you should replace your halogen bulbs with LED halogen replacement bulbs, we are now confident that you know the answer. Why not replace your halogens with LEDs that will produce bright light, save you money and save the environment?

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