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Warehouses use a lot of electricity for their lighting needs, but converting to Warehouse LED lighting can literally save you a fortune in eliminating unnecessary costs. Whether you need Tube Lights, Panels or Down Lights, using LEDs will make a significant difference to your electricity consumption and your maintenance needs. Because they last for so long they only need to be replaced every few years. This week we are featuring two products from LED giant LightRabbit: a down light and a tube light, to show you how LED technology can change the way your warehouse works.

LED Down LightsThe 18 Watt Frosted LED Ceiling Down Light

This warehouse LED lighting, from LED giant LightRabbit, is available in both cool and warm white and produces a 120-degree beam angle. It produces light the equivalent of an 100W traditional halogen bulb. If you really want to be energy efficient and conservative about your power consumption, this light also comes in with dimmable option. Dimming your Warehouse lights gives you greater control over your power usage when certain areas are not in use.

This LED produces 1390 lumens of light while consuming only 18 watts of electricity. The 120-degree beam covers a wide area and creates a well-illuminated work or commercial space. And, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using this light is that it is only 22mm in depth, making it perfect for small roofs. No heat is produced so there is more energy to be used to generate high quality light.

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LED Tube LightsThe 22 Watt T8 Led Tube Light

This is a 75W equivalent light and comes available in frosted or clear covers. It produces 2000 lumens of light at a 180-degree beam angle and is perfect for warehouses and other commercial applications. This fitting is free of dangerous or toxic substances. It also does not have a starter or ballast, which means it will last for longer and you will experience a better performance, and greater return on your investment. It switches on instantly, without any flicker so you have immediate lighting where and when you need it. It also does not produce as much noise as other tube lights as is free of dangerous substances.

In a warehouse environment these Tube LED T8's can reduce your maintenance needs significantly because they only need to be changed every 30 years, even if they are left burning all the time. Using this LED tube you can rest assured that your warehouse will operate efficiently and effectively.

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