LED Panel Lights for Businesses

LED Panel Lights for Businesses

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LED panels are one of the newest lights on the market and they are making waves in businesses across the country. A direct replacement for fluorescent lights, the panel’s sealed edges, sleek design, and unique features reduce light leakage and provide the best interior light currently available whether you want LED panels London or in Bristol or Glasgow. Suitable for all businesses up and down the UK, these business panel lights feature LED chips, diffuser, and a light guide plate, are easy to maintain, and cheap to run.


How to Buy LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights for BusinessesYou can purchase cheap LED panel lights for your business directly from our LEDLights.co.uk website. Simply find the right panel lights webpage and browse the options. Each item page contains additional information including specifications, customer reviews, and buying options. After selecting all of your purchases, you can checkout via our 100% secure system and choose your delivery options.


Are Business Panel Lights Easy to Install?

Installing affordable business panel lights is easy. If your business already utilises panel lighting, then all you require is new LED bulbs to replace the old, inefficient ones you were using. Anyone can make the simple one for one substitution. If installing a new lighting system, it is best to hire qualified electricians for any lighting, including LEDs, though no special equipment or considerations are required for LEDs.


What are the Benefits of Panel Lights for Businesses?

The main benefit of panel bulbs for businesses up and down the country, is cost. This comes in the form of long term bulb costs and electricity costs. In terms of purchasing the actual panel lights, this tends to be slightly more expensive as an LED, but this cost is more than made up for by the fact they are so long lasting and carry on working while other bulbs need replacing. In addition to this, they require much less energy to make the same amount of light as rivals. Take the fluorescent light as an example, it uses twice as much energy as the LED while the halogen bulb uses three times as much, and the incandescent bulb uses ten times as much. When combined over a year, this makes for hundreds of pounds in savings.

Up to 80% Energy Savings

Big Energy Savings

Cost Savings

Big Cost Savings

LED Lifespan

Big Lifespan


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Are Business Panel Lights Suitable for a Work Environment?


LED Panel Lights for Businesses

Yes, business panel lights are designed specifically to enhance any business be it an office, a factory or a shop. The main reasons for this quality comes down to two main factors - the ability to endure and light quality. Let’s look at quality first. The LED panel bulb produces a clear, crisp and consistent light which does not flicker. Secondly, it is a long lasting, durable bulb which is harder to break and fails less often than rivals.


We Guarantee Long Lasting LED Business Panel Lights

5 Year Warranty
Every business needs the equipment it buys to be trustworthy and long lasting. LEDLights.co.uk believe in their products and our customers do too - whether business owners or homeowners. This is why we have included standard guarantees on business panel light fixtures, and 5 year quality assurances on all LED bulbs.

In addition to this, we know that you need help and advice on making the right lighting choices for your business be it a shop, an office, or a factory. This page contains some basic information. Furthermore, you can check out our guides, Wired magazine articles, and our excellent Help and FAQ pages. If we have not covered everything or you have a unique query, our friendly staff love to talk over the phone on 0845 533 2852 or via email at info@ledlights.co.uk.


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