General LED Bulbs Lighting Advice Guide

Learn more about specific LED light bulbs, fittings, shapes & types. Use the information on this page to learn about specific LED light bulbs (browse our range). From B22 to E14 LED bulbs and all styles in between like common G4 and G9 as well as MR16 and MR11 etc... If you are wanting to know more about GU10 LED light bulbs please try our GU10 LED lighting Advice section or you can check our Domestic LED lighting advice section too for more information.

Unsure what Base you need? Check your current bulbs against our handy base selector guide.

LED Light Bulbs vs. Halogen Light Bulbs

Why you Need to Switch to LED Halogen Replacement Bulbs

No Mystery Why the MR11 LED Bulb is the Best

Taking the MR16 LED Bulb on a Sea Voyage

The Stylish and Practical B15 LED Bulb

A Spotlight on the AR111 LED Spotlight Bulb

The E14 Is Back In Fashion

Replace Your Traditional E27 Lamps! Try the 60 SMD Glass Covered LED Light

Everything You Need To Know About the Giant Edison Screw (E40)

Spend Now, Save Later: An Enlightening Look at The B22

Let The G9 LED Light Up Your Home

The LED G4 Will Be Right At Home in Your Kitchen

5 Things Electricians do want you to know about LED Lights

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