Kudos to IKEA – LED Only by 2016

Ikea has the right idea

Energy efficiency, sustainability, eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious – all terms associated with the LED lighting industry, can now be associated with the global home furnishings giant, IKEA. IKEA, a Swedish born company, is known the world over for its affordable, well-made home and office furniture which includes some of the industry’s best lighting fixtures.

Because they’re making strides in creating innovative home and office furniture, they are also looking to the future of sustainable lighting methods. When it comes to saving money, saving the environment, and making a lighting statement, nothing comes close to LED bulbs.

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LEDs or 'light emitting diodes', are the newest lighting technology on the market. Because of the special, non-toxic materials and technology, LEDs are capable of emitting 80% more bright, white light than the typical halogen light bulbs.

What does that mean? It means that LEDs consume up to 85% less energy and produce more light – all without producing any heat. You can literally touch a lit LED bulb without getting burned. Speaking of getting burned; many consumers will see the price of the LED bulbs on the market and see nothing but their money flying out the window. That is where LightRabbit is there to help.

Sustainable Living with LED Lights

Our huge selection of high quality LEDs are the most reasonably priced LEDs in the UK and Ireland. Also, if the thought of shelling out the money on LEDs leaves you dizzy, consider that if you change every bulb in your home with an LED bulb, you can save up to 90% on your yearly energy costs. The money you save on electricity, up to £1,000, can be spent on new lamps from your local or online IKEA store.


According to IKEA US President, Mike Ward,

“…changing to LED lights is a smart and cost effective way to be sustainable in our everyday lives.”

In order to propel the substantial benefits of LEDs into every home, IKEA has committed to designing and manufacturing lamps and light fixtures that will house only LED light bulbs. They hope to accomplish this task by 2016.

IKEA is so dedicated to their cause, they provided each of their 130,000 employees with an LED bulb – one that can be used in many of their own current lighting fixtures.

“With household electricity bills continuing to rise rapidly and global energy consumption increasing, a small LED bulb can have a very big impact,” says Mike Ward, and we at LightRabbit wholeheartedly agree.

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