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Innovative LED Lighting

Integral LED is an established supplier of innovative LED lighting products that are competitively priced, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. Their aim is to market and support affordable LED lighting offerings that offer significant energy-savings, apart from being easy to maintain. Given the fact that LEDs find diverse lighting applications, the firm strives to come up with quality products that best fit the purpose, while also ensuring these units are reliable and deliver the best of low-energy lighting. This, however, is no wonder as the different offerings are backed by over two decades of experience in manufacturing semiconductors of their parent firm Integral Memory Plc, which specialises in technology products.

Integral LED Products

The product range from Integral LED is quite comprehensive and covers most lighting requirements.

The LED solutions on offer include, but aren’t limited to:

There are several items featured under each of these categories, making the choice quite exhaustive, thus catering to a gamut of diverse requirements.

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Integral LED Lighting Options

Be it fresh installations or retrofits, options are aplenty when it comes to Integral LEDs. It is, however, important for the buyer to choose a product that best meets their lighting requirements.

LED Lamps

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LED lamps of different types, built using quality components and latest technology, are available for both residential and commercial use.

From vintage decorative pieces to small and sleek candle and globe lamps in both clear and frosted finishes, several designs are available to suit different socket types. Some of these decorative lamps fit snugly into existing incandescent light fixtures, making it quite a simple and cost-effective switch to LED lighting. Integral LED lamps also prove excellent replacements for halogen lamps. Compact LED units make it possible to wash the space with either cool white and warm shades of light, without compromising on the aesthetics of the settings.

PAR lamps from Integral LED serve to light up external spaces. Multi-coloured lights help decorate outdoor settings or highlight feature points, adding a dash of colour and brightness to gardens, pathways, and lawns (both public and private).

    • Replaces
    • 60W
    • Replaces
    • 40W
    • Replaces
    • 40W

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LED Downlights

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Downlights have been an integral part of home and commercial recessed lighting solutions. Be it emergency lights that line evacuation paths or fire-rated units in industrial spaces, Integral LED has all downlight requirements pretty much covered. Emergency LEDs are capable of lighting up escape routes for about three hours, while fire-rated LED downlights can withstand the impact of fires for up to 90 minutes. Downlights from Integral LED also serve as replacements for halogen and CFL lights.

    • Replaces
    • 50W
    • Replaces
    • 70W
    • Replaces
    • 75W

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LED Panels

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LED panels from Integral LED are available in preset dimensions. These find use in vast spaces that need uniform levels of bright lighting. Simple infrastructure, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as the aesthetic appeal are characteristic of these panels.

    • Replaces
    • 144W
    • Replaces
    • 70W

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LED Strips

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Integral LED’s dimmable 12-V LED strips in 5-metre reels serve as an embellishment to almost any existing setting. It is possible to cut a length of the LED strip but only at the marked points. Strips need to be powered by a suitable driver that supplies them with a steady 12-V current from the mains.

Integral LED strips are available with IP ratings IP33 and IP67 for indoor and outdoor use respectively. Integral LED has recently launched strip and driver kits to do away with the confusion of pairing the right strip and driver. These pre-packaged kits are ready to use.

    • Replaces
    • 120W
    • Replaces
    • 200W
    • Replaces
    • 240W

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LED luminaires right from bulkheads, floodlights, and battens to linear and circular bays also form a part of the product offerings.

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Accessories and Drivers

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LED lighting solutions are indeed incomplete without the right accessories and power sources. Constant voltage drivers and panel accessories ensure the lighting system is securely installed and fully functional to offer the best of lighting effects in the given setting.

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Why Opt for Integral LED Solutions?

There is today an increased awareness on the benefits of opting for LED lighting when compared to conventional alternatives such as halogen bulbs and CFLs. Integral LED offerings can help maximise these advantages in many ways.

The industry experience of Integral Memory Plc in the field of memory chips enables the firm to create better LED products both in terms of design and functionality, offering a value-for-money solution to customers.

Integral LED’s continuous efforts to churn out quality products, based on latest technology that too at competitive prices, have earned quite few accolades from authoritative industry sources, after of course being put through stringent tests to evaluate their performance and design.

Some of the LED products from Integral LED have been nominated for Lighting Design Awards in the light sources category – the OMNI-Lamp range in 2014 and Classic Glow GU10 in 2015. The Classic Glow GU10 even made it to the finals in 2015.

The GU10 LED Lamp bagged the Best Buy Award for Spotlights from Which?, while the Classic Globe was the Best Buy for Lamps. Light Magazine and Lux Magazine have awarded high rankings for both the company and some of its innovative and efficient LED lighting solutions.

When opting for LED Lights from Integral LED, buyers not only get high-quality products at affordable prices, but also technical support, product warranty, and assured energy savings over time. LEDs not only have a longer lifespan than other conventional lighting options, but also require very little maintenance once installed in the right manner. LEDs also reportedly do not attract as many insects as conventional lights because they do not generate heat.

Integral LED continues to improve their LED offerings, experimenting with different technology and material medium to enhance their quality, performance, energy savings, eco-friendliness, and ease of use. Three of Integral LED’s panel lights are now compatible with the international standard, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). This simply means that these panels are suitable to light up vast spaces and their functions can be controlled and monitored from the DALI control system. Integral LED products may prove a valuable investment in more than one way.

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