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Deciding to replace your current halogen, incandescent or CLF lighting with more cost effective, energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your household.

LED fixtures and fittings are quite easy to install, despite popular belief to the contrary, easy to operate, and will help you reduce your energy costs each month. Because of the rising popularity of LED lighting, manufacturers are busily creating new and innovative LED fixtures and fittings in order to meet demand for a greater variety of LED lighting options. LightRabbit is home to the largest selection of LED lighting fixtures and fittings – if you have a need for an LED, we have the LED bulb and appropriate fixture in our selection.

Installing LED lighting fixtures at home is as simple as following the instructions included in the lighting packaging, but LightRabbit is more than willing to suggest a professional lighting expert who can install your chosen fixture for you. If you’d rather install your LED lighting on your own, follow these simple steps for :

- Turn off the power to the area where you’ll be working

- (For LED Tubes) Carefully remove the current lighting fixture, being careful to cap the wires before proceeding, remove the starter or reflector from the back of the LED, pen the fixture cover and remove the ballast (most tube lights have ballasts). Cut the wires, leaving enough to connect the wires to the wire nuts. Reconnect the wires to complete the circuit. Replace the reflector and fixture

- Turn on the power to the work area

- Turn on the switch

For more detailed information on how to install or replace an LED fixture there are more than enough video tutorials online for you to view, or you can call and speak with one of our customer service specialists.

Installing the actual LED bulb is as easy as if you were installing a traditional incandescent bulb, only the LED will last longer, stay cool, and save you almost £1000 per year on energy costs.

If you are installing LED strip lights, there is nothing easier than picking where you want them to go, attaching the plug and plugging the strip in – you’ll have gorgeous lighting within minutes.

If you are installing or removing GU10 LED bulbs, learn more here.


If you’d like to learn more about our LED bulbs, our selection of high quality fixtures and fittings or our 2 year guarantee on all of our products, contact us or visit our FAQs page. We look forward to helping you save money.

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