How to Install and Remove GU10 Light Bulbs

GU10 LED Bulbs

Spotlights and Downlighters are awkward to change, because they are flush with the ceiling. However, because these lights are usually clustered together, it is essential that they be replaced with LED lights. If you have six or ten of them in one area and you are still using traditional light bulbs, you will be missing out on significant energy savings in your home.

The other really important consideration is that LED light bulbs last significantly longer than their traditional counterparts, so if you swop them out as soon as possible, you will not have to replace them frequently. In fact, if you purchase your LED replacement bulbs from LightRabbit you will only be looking at a replacement in the next 30 years.

How to Remove and Install New LED GU10 Bulbs

Simple Steps for Removing GU10 Light Bulbs, Spotlights & Downlights

First, be safe and make sure that the power to the light is switched off. To begin with, you will need to remove the old bulbs. There will either be a clip around them, or you need to press the light down and twist it, to remove the cover. Then the bulb should then be easy to slip out by turning it around, keeping one hand underneath so it doesn't fall out.

Once the light is hanging down, hold onto the grip rod with one hand, while supporting the bulb with the other. Then, push and twist the bulb in an anti-clockwise direction to release it from the socket.

Take the new LED bulb, and line the two bayonet mounts with the holes that are in the socket. Push them into the holes and twist the bulb in a clockwise direction. You should hear a clicking sound once the new objects have connected, and this will tell you the new bulb in securely in the socket. Once the bulb has been placed, push it back into the holder so that is fits into the recessed hole in the ceiling. Then, you can put the cover clip back on and continue with the rest of the lights that need replacing.

If you want to ensure you use the highest quality GU10 replacement LED bulbs on the market, get on over to LightRabbit and have a look at our extensive selection and best pricing online with our prices checked daily.

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