Going Green Twice Over with LED Grow Lights

Homeowners and tenants across the country have discovered the many benefits of growing plants indoors. Not only do many of the plant species available provide clean air, they also provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs and spices. The trickiest part of growing plants indoors, aside from making sure to feed and water them, is giving them the right amount of light. Too much light and they’ll bake; too little light and they’ll droop and eventually die when their photosynthesis processes come to a halt.

The solution to issue of providing the right amount of light to indoor plants is LED grow lights.

Growing a Green Garden

Growing plants indoors is a serious undertaking, but planting and growing a garden hydroponically can be even more difficult. Using traditional halogen grow lamps can lead to drying out, overheating and eventually plants death. Why? Well, halogen lamps produce 20% light and 80% heat from the energy they consume. LED grow lights consume less energy but as still capable of producing 80% light and less than 20% heat which means that plants thrive rather than die when under the red and blue filtered light of the LED grow light.

Using Green Products

LED grow lights use innovative LED technology. LEDs consume less energy, produce more light and less heat, are never made using toxic materials such as mercury, and are long-lasting (up to 50,000 hours of continuous use). When you use LED grow lights to bring life to your indoor plants, you save money (up to 90% on your annual energy costs) and you save the environment. With LED grow lights, going green saves green every time.

LightRabbit.co.uk is UK’s premiere LED grow light supplier. Our inventory of high quality, money saving, affordable LED grow light lighting options is exceptional. To take a look through our stock of LED grow lights, visit our website and click on the LED Grow Light tab. If you’d like to learn more about how your indoor spice or vegetable garden could benefit from our selection of effective and “green” LED grow lights, contact us.

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