20 SMD Glass Covered - 3.5 Watt MR16 LED Bulb

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Product Information
  • RRP
    Light Colour
    Cool White / Warm White
    20x SMD5050
    MR16 (GU5.3)
    Average Life
    50,000 Hours
    Equivalent To
    Input Voltage
    CE / ROHS
    Beam angle
    Spotlight | Downlight | Halogen | Recessed Ceiling
  • Product Description

    LightRabbit® Glass Covered 20 x 5050 SMD MR16 LED Bulb 3.5watt, 360 lumen - 40 watt equivalent.

    The Glass Covered LED bulb features 20 individual high quality 5050SMD LEDs that emit a light output of 360 lumen. They're intelligently designed to considerably reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and are available in both Cool white and Warm white options. Using only 3.5 watts of power these energy efficient bulbs compare in brightness to a 40 watt bulb yet consume significantly less electricity.

    This Glass Covered SMD MR16 bulb features a massive 120-degree beam angle; designed to output a broad and uniform projection of light into any room or upon any surface. This bulb will install into any MR16 socket with an input voltage of 12V and is designed for any domestic, commercial or retail installations. They use only 10% of the energy when compared to the older style bulbs, thereby offering significant savings that consumers simply cannot ignore.

    Offering the latest heat-sink design, this helps to disperse any unwanted heat from the LEDs which protects the overall lifespan of the chips.

    Lasting 50,000 hours compared to a halogen lamp which last 2000 hours, these bulbs pay for themselves within six months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can now go years without the hassle of having to change bulbs. These LED equivalents feature shock and vibration resistant technology, there is no filament to ever burnout or break-in, so they run considerably cooler than standard filament bulbs.

    Recent advances in LEDs, household electrical consumption from lighting products is being greatly reduced when using low-energy LED lighting. The Glass Covered MR16 LED bulb offers consumers a cost effective SMD light bulb with all the benefits without the drawbacks.


    Key Features:

    • 20 individual high quality 5050 SMD LEDs, 120 degree beam angle
    • Cost Effective Energy Savings within 6 months of installation
    • No start-up delay or flickering, normal brightness when electrified
    • 30-year Average Lifespan (6-year Lifespan when left on 24/7)
    • LED bulbs do not contain a filament that can easily be damaged
    • Environmentally Friendly - LED bulbs contain no Glass or Mercury
    • Consume 10% of the energy used by traditional light bulbs.


Additional Information
  • Additional Information

    LightRabbit® is a trusted brand; we invest extensively to ensure the highest possible quality control standards whilst also sourcing the latest LED technology available. We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, offering an extensive 5-year warranty and 45-day no quibble - money back guarantee on all our bulbs to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

    These standard sized LED bulbs are a direct replacement for your existing MR16 lamps. For a one-off investment you could recover the cost of your order within six months of installing your new bulbs. After recovering your initial investment, every six months thereafter you will continue to make the same massive savings off current energy bills over the expected 50,000 hours life of the lamp.


    • Changing your existing lamps to LED will save you money in the long-run whilst also reducing your overall carbon footprint - Help Save the Planet!

    • Benefit from our bulk buy and save options. If you have any support questions please call our committed customer services team on 0800 080 3201 or alternatively using our Live Chat service.


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20 SMD Glass Covered - 3.5 Watt MR16 LED Bulb

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What is the warm white measurement in kelvin please?

Hello, These lamps are 2700k-3000k. Thank you

can the smd mr16 be used with 12V dc input? I am planning on hooking up my solar regulator along with my 12v leisure battery to all my lighting circuits. thanks

Hello. All of our MR16, G4 and Strip lighting work on DC12v. Thank you.

12v Led Do you need to change the existing transformer or will be ok.

unfortunately I can not say for certain that your transformers will work with LED bulbs. you can test one of our bulbs with your current transformers and if it does not work either send it back within 90 days for a refund or order the correct LED transformers. also you can return the bulb and get GU10 bulbs and fittings which do not need transformers.


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