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LED Downlights

The LED downlight, also known as a pot light, recessed light or can light, is an LED lighting option that shines down from a hole in the ceiling. LED downlights are fire rated because they are installed so close to ceiling joists, insulation, and the ceiling materials. Not only are they fire rated, there are several reasons why LED downlights should be included in your next home improvement materials list.

LED Downlights

LED downlights come in many varieties and offer users a plethora of choices. You can choose from a wide angle to light up whole rooms, or a narrow angle to provide pinpoint light to a specific area like a desktop or worktable. There are dimmable and non-dimmable options, options for a remote control, options for clear or frosted lenses, options for rim colour (matte silver to black to plain white), and options for the amount of light (lumens) you’d like in each fixture.

Shop all LED DownlightsNot only are LED downlights versatile and stylish, they are also economical and eco-friendly. LED downlights are an energy efficient lighting option because they actually use nearly 90% of the energy they consume to produce light. That is a drastic difference from traditional halogen which only produce 20% and 80% heat (which is why they are so hot to the touch, unlike LEDs which are cool to the touch and can be manipulated immediately after they’ve been used).

Because they use less energy but produce more light, LED downlights are cost effective. If you replace every halogen bulb in your house, you can easily save up to 90% on your annual energy bill – that’s close to £1,000! Sure, the initial costs of purchasing the bulbs will be high, but when you consider the money you save every year, and the fact that the bulbs have a life span of up to 23 years, you’ll see that the investment is totally worth it.

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