5 Things Electricians do want you to know about LED Lights

LED Facts

1. LED's are easy to fit

LED fixtures and fittings are quite easy to install, despite popular belief to the contrary, easy to operate, and will help you reduce your energy costs each month. Because the majority of LED bulbs are retrofit, installing them at home is as simple as popping the LED replacement bulb directly into a traditional fixture. This means that those old lamps, lights and other spots can be given a modern, money saving feel with ease. Even LED Tube Lights and LED Strip Lights are surprisingly easy to install. Before consulting an electrician, see our easy to follow steps here Installing LED Lights.

2. You can purchase LEDs cheaper online

Buying your product direct with an LED Supplier guarantees you the best price possible, without the added mark-up of the LED bulbs supplied by shops. Here at Lightrabbit, we pride ourselves on not only the quality of the service we offer but also our prices which are second to none. We ensure that this is the case thanks to our price match guarantee, daily price check and bulbs from as low as £1.99. If you can find any single one of our top notch LED related items anywhere else, be it online, in store or through your electrician we will match this price, ensuring that by visiting LightRabbit, you can rest assured that you are receiving the ultimate value for money.

3. The choice is vast, there is an LED to suit all personal preferences

Electricians know alot about lighting but they can't read your mind! In order to get the best result, make sure you advise your electritian of your preferred colour temperature or what lighting mood you want to create, how directional you want the beam of light or the brightness you prefer. TThis will ensure that your installer does the best job and the result you are happy with. If you are not sure then LightRabbit have a friendly team of LED advisors who listen to your individual requirements and, with years of LED expertise behind them, are able to guide you to the most suitable LED for your personal needs. Find some LED tips here.

4. CFL bulbs are NOT better than LED bulbs

The Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulb is a popular lighting choice primarily as a result of its energy efficiency/cost savings, superior lifetime, and environmental friendliness. Yes, CFLs outperform a 100-year old technology, but LED is the newest lighting technology and without question outperforms the CFL ten fold. Here's why: LEDs use less power, LEDs have a longer lifetime, LEDs have less impact on the environment and human health, LEDs are more robust and LEDs offer greater cost savings. Read on for more advantages to LED.

5. Warranties are just as good from online LED suppliers

At LightRabbit, not only do we offer a 90 day no quibble money back trial but all our bulbs come with an 18 month warranty absolutly free of charge. This entitles you to an unlimited number of replacements for any failed LED spot lights and LED bulbs for the duration of the warranty and it doesn’t cost you a single penny. LightRabbit, we're safe as houses!

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