5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy LED Lights

LED Lighting

With many lighting options to choose from, it is hard to determine which ones are best for the situation. Whether it is for the bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors, one of those lighting options is LEDs (light emitting diodes). LED lights are known for being the best for energy cost reduction as well as being earth friendly. But there are several drawbacks to using LED lighting and 5 main reasons why not to buy LED lights. Price, failure rate, light quality, time consuming installation, and lack of available choices.

1. LEDs are too Expensive?

When pricing out LED light bulbs for home, the price tag can leave the consumer with an empty feeling in their wallets. A single lightbulb can cost £9 for a single GU10 5W spot LED light bulb, not including VAT. It can cost upwards of £14 for one Small Edison Screw, or E14, 6W candle light bulb. When you have to purchase more than one replacement light bulb the amount you have to pay is astounding. LightRabbit is an inexpensive alternative to local Do-It-Yourself stores. At LightRabbit GU10 spot LEDs srart at £3.35 including VAT. That is a huge saving per bulb which is a great deal without having to wait for the next big home improvement sale. View some of our best-selling GU10 spotlights below.

60 SMD GU10 LED Spotlight

60 SMD - 4.5W GU10 LED

Superior COB™ - 6 Watt GU10 COB LED Spotlight

Superior COB™ - 6W GU10 LED

Lightwell LUX™ - 4 Watt GU10 LED Bulb

Lightwell LUX™ - 4W GU10 LED

Spiral - 5 Watt GU10 COB LED Bulb

Spiral - 5W GU10 COB LED Bulb

2. LED Light Bulbs Have a High Failure Rate?

LED Power Guarantee

Another reason to avoid buying LED lighting is the failure rate of the bulbs. LED lighting was the best thing to switch to when consumers were trying to cut back on their energy bill. But with technology moving onto the next best idea for saving costs, lighting improvements, and protecting the environment, LED lighting is no longer being improved. With industry standards stating that LED lights should last 50,000 hours, some don’t meet those standards. There are a few bulb brand options that may last only a fraction of the 50,000 hours. This can be due to overheating when installed in an enclosed lamp housing as well as poor manufacturing and components.

For this reason alone LED lighting can seem a poor choice in lighting. No one wants to spend money on a product that may not last as long as it should because of shoddy workmanship. You might as well throw the money in a toilet and flush it down. But with many things, there are exceptions. Lightwell lighting uses superior components when manufacturing their quality LED bulbs and lamps. They are confident in their products. So confident that Lightwell Lamps and LightRabbit provide a warranty on their products. So if your Lightwell brand LED lighting fails, it will be replaced for free within the first 5 years. Confidence in a product is a great reason to choose Lightwell lights.

3. LED Light Bulbs Give Off Poor Light Quality?

Once you get past the quality in product, how is the light quality of LED lighting? So many people want a certain look when it comes to their lighting fixtures. Walking through your local home improvement store, the lighting department looks like an industrial light factory. The bulbs have a sterile look about them and most likely covered in dust. When you are looking to find a quality product, you want to find something that sparks the imagination, not make you feel as if you are living in a warehouse. Lightwell Lamps is the answer. The look of their bulbs is similar to the replacements to halogen lighting. They offer bulbs that can work with any lighting idea. They also offer a 90 day worry free return policy. If you don’t like the look, or if it doesn’t create the atmosphere you are looking to make, you can return it.

Quality LED LightingQuality LED Lighting

4. LEDs are Time Consuming Installation?

Another thing to consider when looking into LED lighting is that it can be a major undertaking to switch from your current lighting option to LED lighting. It may require brand new fixtures, wiring as well as purchasing the correct light bulb type for the new lighting choice. It can all add up to more than a headache. It can be complicated and time consuming to get everything picked out and installed. Hiring an electrician to do it all may seem like a better option despite the added expense. Lightwell Lamps had the consumer in mind when they created their brand of bulbs and lighting options. Their lighting options are retrofit and don’t require rewiring the home or an expensive electrician. Their products are retiring as well as easy to install using your current lighting fixtures and wiring. That means less time making your living areas well lit and looking great.

Retrofit LED Lighting

6 Watt B22 Filament LED Bulb

6 Watt B22 Filament LED Bulb

Popular retrofit LED

5 Watt B15 Candle LED Bulb

5 Watt B15 Candle LED Bulb

Popular retrofit LED

5 Watt E27 Candle LED Bulb

5 Watt E27 Candle LED Bulb

Popular retrofit LED

5 Watt E14 Golf Ball LED Bulb

5 Watt E14 Golf Ball LED Bulb

Popular retrofit LED

5. Is there a Lack of Choice in LED Light Bulb?

Quality lighting is only as good as its available selections. Many home improvement stores only carry a few different types of lighting for CFL, Halogen, and LED. A lot of the choices that are available don’t fit the lighting theme that you have picked out for your home. Some of them are quite industrial looking. Many of the bulb options look as if they belong in a warehouse, not your house. When you are looking to create a homey, comfortable look in your living space, you want to have lighting that looks good as well as reduces energy use every month.

When buying a Lightwell Lamp, there are several options to choose from. From GU10 to E14 to G4, there are quite a few LED base options. When looking for a certain LED shape for your needs, they offer Candle, Globe, and Standard or GLS bulbs. They even have options for LED chandeliers, spotlights, floodlights and strip lights. Choices also include panel and bar LED lighting. You simply choose from the type of base that is required and then choose the shape of the bulb that best reflects your needs. With these options available, it isn’t hard to see why Lightwell Lamp is the place to go for your LED lighting needs.

Chandelier Candle BulbsLED Spotlights

LED Strip LightsLED Panel Lights

Even with the drawbacks of LED lighting being mentioned, not all options available are to be avoided. With quality looks and manufacturing, an incredible selection to choose from, affordable pricing and easy to install lighting options, Lightwell lamps and bulbs is a great choice for improving your home lighting needs. So when you are looking to change the lighting in your home to save money or to just update the look, Lightwell at LightRabbit is the best place to start.

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