Everything You Need To Know About the Giant Edison Screw (E40)

LED SON Replacement Lamps can be used in a variety of situations

Technology has moved along quickly and improved significantly in terms of the quality of LED lighting that is available today. Specialty models and styles have been developed for contemporary homes and LED    lighting has improved in terms of its energy efficiency. The Giant Edison Screw, or E40, is one such example of a high power light that operates on a low wattage. Here is everything you need to know about why you should make the switch to a more energy-efficient LED lighting system in your home and office space. In need of replacing LED lights in a warehouse, factory, garage or workshop, please check our selection high bay LED lights.

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These Days You Can Replace Any Traditional Lamp

LightRabbit features a selection of E40 LED Bulb  in 20w, 60w & 80w varieties, which are replacements for the standard 60W, 150W and 240W globes. With its 350º light beam angle, this UK LED lamp is ideal for outdoor areas and spaces that are badly lit.

E40 LED BulbsE40 LED Bulbs

Find Out About the New Lumens Rating

While lighting might be cheaper and more convenient today, choosing a light bulb has become a little more complex because of all the variety on the market. These days there is an extensive selection of LED bulbs available, plus lots of different shapes, sizes, bases and prices, so it can be tough to pick between them.

In order to standardise light bulbs (including traditional and LED lighting) lumens have replaced watts as the primary indicator of the quality of light. Lumens represent the quantity of light created by a source and are a fairly accurate indicator of the brightness level.

The  20W60W and 80W E40 LED SON Bulbs on sale at LightRabbit provide light of 2,200 lumens, 5,300 lumens and 8,300 lumens respectively. LED bulbs that operate on 4 to 28W of power will produce light brightness of 450 to 2,780 lumens, whereas 8 to 55W of CFL power and 40 to 150W of incandescent power would be required to produce light of the same luminosity.

The E40 Is an Ideal Replacement for a high powered CFL Light

Available only in cool white the giant Edison screw is the perfect substitute for a traditional fluorescent lamp. It can also be used to replace high wattage and sodium powered light bulbs.

The E40 Will Outlast a Traditional Light Bulb. Lasting up to 50,000 hours, this UK LED lamp is designed to last for years. Of course, running it on low wattages and maintaining it will help to extend its lifespan but it will outperform any traditional light bulb nonetheless.

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