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The UK is at the forefront of the going green movement. With government programs like The Green Deal, and small green construction businesses popping up all over the country more and more people are looking for ways to make their way of life more eco-friendly.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon emissions and lessen your carbon footprint is to reduce the amount of energy you use per year. When you use less energy, the power plants produce less carbon emissions and the planet can breathe a little easier for just a little longer.

Lighting is one of the largest consumers of household energy, right behind heating and cooling. Every room in your house has at least one light in it which means that no matter where you are you are potentially wasting energy – especially if you’re using halogen bulbs.

So, what can be done to save energy, money and the environment? Installing energy saving lights like the ones you’ll find at is the more effective way to save money on your annual energy costs. The LED, light emitting diode, is a revolutionary lighting option that consumes the same amount of energy as a traditional halogen bulb, but instead of wasting 80% of the energy as heat, as the halogen does, the LED uses 70% of the energy to produce light. That means that LEDs are MUCH brighter and purer than halogens and they don’t get hot to the touch.

When you replace the standard light bulbs in your home you can easily fit the same size GU10 LED bulb in their place using the same lighting configuration and fixtures. The only things that change are the brightness of the light, the lack of heat emitted, and the amount of energy saved.

Using energy saving lights like LEDs you can save up to 90% on your annual energy costs. That means you can put £10,000 back in your pocket after the initial costs of the bulb. Who doesn’t like keeping their own money? When you buy high quality, energy efficient, cost effective, bright, durable, and beautiful LEDs you will never go back to energy sucking, faulty, flawed, dingy yellow halogen bulbs again.

To learn more about how LEDs can save you money, or to find out more about the costs of purchasing and installing LED lights contact the customer service representatives at LightRabbit.

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