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Traditional halogen bulbs have been a mainstay of UK home lighting since their invention, but with advances in green lighting technology, we can enjoy the brilliance of high quality lighting that is cost effective and energy efficient.

Energy saving LED bulbs were designed to consume less energy, provide the same amount of light, function without heating up, reduce your monthly energy bill, and save the environment. Also, LEDs are designed without filaments and they are made with heat distributors that direct heat away from the lighting components within the bulb. What does that mean? It means that LEDs consume energy and produce light, but they do not produce heat – cool to the touch.

The design and innovations involved in manufacturing the LEDs allows the LEDs to last a long time. With a typical lifespan of at least 50,000 hours of continuous light, you won’t have to worry about buying and replacing your LEDs for at least 50,000 hours which is about 27 years of normal home use.

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LightRabbit® provides only the best and highest quality of LEDs. There are LED lights in different shapes, sizes, uses (indoor, outdoor, spotlights, tubes), levels of durability, and colours. LED lights come in many colour varieties including: Cool White, Warm White, red, green, blue, pink, purple, and many more.

Our selection of energy saving LED bulbs also come in dimmable varieties, which when paired with appropriate fixtures can be dimmed to provide just the right amount of light right where our customers need it.

Before you look anywhere else, take a look through our selection of GU10, MR16, AR111, and our G4 series of LED bulbs. We also have an ever growing selection of LED light accessories such as LED dimmers and LED fire rated fittings.

For more information on our selection of high quality energy saving low cost LEDs, contact us or visit our FAQs page.

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