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Purchasing MR16 LED 12v bulbs ensures there is no flicker on start up and that you get instant light when you flick the on switch. These lights, which are available from LightRabbit, do not need to warm up so with LED, MR16 flickering becomes a thing of the past. These lights can be used in the home and in temporary applications, like if you go caravanning or camping, because they produce a lot of light using very little power.

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Spiral 5 Watt MR16 COB LED

If you need an LED bulb that is the equivalent of a 50W traditional halogen lamp, the Spiral 5W MR16 COB LED produces no flicker on start up and has a 90 degree beam angle, wider than a standard halogen spot. You also have a choice of cool or warm white colour temperatures (k) so you can create the perfect ambience, whether you are at home or trying to illuminate a camper or caravan.

Superior 6 Watt MR16 COB LED

Another MR16 lamp with a beam angle of 60 degrees, the Superior COB 6W MR16 is a hard working, high performance LED. It will eliminate any MR16 LED flickering problems you might have had in the past with its warm white light.

20 SMD Glass Covered 3.5 Watt MR16 COB LED

The 20 SMD glass covered 3.5W MR16 is the ideal replacement for a 40W traditional halogen bulb, and produces high quality light with a massive 120-degree beam angle.

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All of these MR16 LED Bulbs have an average lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than a traditional halogen lamp. If you buy a new home on a 30-year bond and replace all the bulbs, you probably won’t have to do it again for the duration of your mortgage. What’s more, you will save up to 90% of your electricity consumption as a result, so you can also enjoy month to month savings.

Because these lamps do not waste any energy on heat production, all of it is committed to producing high quality light. They also do not contain any poisons or toxic substances like mercury, so they can be disposed of safely. And, when you are out camping and need lighting, these MR16s only use DC12V of electricity and will not deplete the lifespan of your battery quickly.

LightRabbit's Drivers will eliminate any flicker

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An alternative to this would be to convert your fittings to mains voltage (AC240V) by removing any transformers from the circuit and using a GU10 base adapter. This is by far the most economical way in terms of cost and will also enable you to install an LED Dimmer Switch if you require. We recommend installing an LED compatible Driver/Transformer if you are replacing exisiting halogen lamps in your home relevent to the total load it will need to provide. For example, if your down-lighting set up stipulates a seperate transformer for each fitting, then our 6w LED transformer is ideal for use with any of our LED MR16 lamps.

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