EDUCATION: Installing LED lighting in schools

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Studies have shown that for the energy consumption in an educational institution, lighting constitutes for 25% (universities) to 70% (primary schools). This shows how important energy-efficient LED lighting technologies are in reducing the energy consumption and lowering the maintenance costs of a school, without compromising on the lighting quality. A sufficient lighting is crucial for creating a professional school environment in which students feel comfortable and encouraged to study and learn.


School LED LightingSchool LED Lighting

School LED LightingSchool LED Lighting


7 Reasons why your school should switch to LED: Click to contact us


 Save 50-90% on electricity bills

LED lighting can help educational institutions saving 50-90% on electricity bills. By switching the lighting in classrooms, halls and corridors over to LED lights, schools, colleges and universities can save thousands of pounds a year, resulting in more money that can be invested on teaching and facilities.

 Improve student performance

Student performance can be improved by LED lighting. LED light is designed to replicate natural daylight, which has been proven to positively affect students’ concentration levels and productivity. The flicker-free LED lighting technology can also help to lower distractions and allows the light to turn on immediately.

 Versatile lighting

LED lighting is incredibly versatile. Our range of LED lights comprises different colours and brightnesses, as well as dimmable and non-dimmable options that would suit every needs.

 Long lasting

LED lights last for up to 50,000 hours. In an educational environment, this is equivalent to approximately 30 years. Replacing traditional lighting with LEDs can offer great savings in the lighting bills and maintenance costs.

 Plug & play direct replacements

LED lights can easily replace traditional lighting. Our LED lights are direct replacements for traditional bulbs with no extra instalment or maintenance requirements.

 Lower carbon footprint

LED lights help educational premises reduce their ecological impact. Switching to LED lighting is a simple way to reduce the Carbon Footprint and meet ecological requirements, and it is also an opportunity to link green technologies with learning opportunities.

 Better health & safety

LED lighting improves health and safety. Fluorescent and halogen lights pose a grave threat to health and safety due to glass and mercury content. LED lights on the contrary are hazard-free, making them a much safer and sustainable choice. They neither produce heat nor emit harmful UV and IR radiations.



Our Ultra-Slim LED panels are designed to provide an ideal lighting instalment for educational premises. It is not only an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solution but further offers the possibility of controlling and dimming the lighting more effectively, whether in classrooms, lecture halls or school offices. Further options for your school are our LED Tube lights, Bulkhead lamps as well as our Security Flood Lights for outside installations. LED lighting offers an improved quality of light and an enhanced visual appearance in all areas of the building.

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With so many financial schemes available for schools today, investing in LEDs can save you money from day one.


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