Downlights LED Lighting Advice Guide

Learn more about using LED Downlights and LED Down lighting. If you are wanting to know more about how to use and correctly installed LED downlights and fire rated LED Lighting then this page could be of use. Use the info below to learn about how to install LED Down lights, common LED Downlight shapes and sizes as well as fittings and fire proof LED Downlighting with the help of these guides.

Follow our guide and advice on LED Downlights below or browse our range of LED Downlights here and/or Fire Rated and Adjustable LED Down light fittings here...

Safety First: Why You Need To Install Fire Rated Downlights

6 Bathroom Downlighting Ideas for A Sexier Bathroom

LED Down Light and Tube Solutions from Lightrabbit

Get Down with LED Downlights

Why Your Home Needs LED Ceiling Lights

Are LED Light Bulbs a Fire Risk?

Unsure what Base you need? Check your current bulbs against our handy base selector guide.

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