Domestic LED Lighting Advice

Learn more about LED lighting for your Home. LEDs are perfect for use in the home - both for saving money and producing great lighting results - to learn more about using this exciting new technology LightRabbit has compiled the follow guides around common LED light bulbs used in the House and Home as well as the applications and benefits from switching to this new, modern, low energy consumption style of lighting. 

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How to Cut your Electricity Bill with Lightrabbit

Why Switch to LED Light Bulbs?

The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Saving Bulbs

Advances in LED Technology Make Energy Efficient Lighting More Affordable

What are SMD LEDs?

What is oLED Lighting?

Safety First: Why You Need To Install Fire Rated Downlights

IP Ratings Charts Explained; IP45 & IP65 etc

What is an LED filament bulb?

Cheap LED Bulbs: Cheap Doesn’t Mean Cheaply Made

Totally Switched ON…Then OFF Again: LED Light Timer Switches

LED Heat Output Vs Halogen Heat Output

Why Your Home Need to swap to LED Spotlights

LED Bathroom Lighting

6 Bathroom Downlighting Ideas for A Sexier Bathroom

LED Bedroom Lighting

LED Kitchen Lighting

Living Room LED Lights

LED Lighting in Your Home

Creative LED lights for the home

8 Renewable Energy Projects That Create Jobs

The Importance of the Proper LED Light Fitting for your Remodel

What can be done with Under Cabinet LED Lighting?

Developing An Eco-Friendly Home: How Far Are You Prepared to Go?

Your How-To Guide for Ambient Lighting

5 Innovative Ways to Use Floor Lamps as a Central Feature in Your Home

3 Illuminating Ideas for Better Garage Lighting

Living Room Inspiration

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