Developing An Eco-Friendly Home: How Far Are You Prepared to Go?

Eco-Friendly Homes: How far are you prepared to go?

There are lots of little things we can all do to make the way we live more sustainable. Of course the ideal situation to be in is to be able to create your own sustainable home from the ground up, however, even if you do not have the luxury of rebuilding or buying something new, there are measures you can take to improve your home’s efficiency levels. Let’s have a look at some sustainable blue prints that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, look after natural resources and save money on your utilities bills.

Using the Earth as Shelter

How Earth Sheltered homes work Earth Sheltered HousingA stylish example of earth sheltered housing

New home designs that are partially or fully below the ground allow home owners to take advantage of the efficiencies offered by the earth and plants. Homes that are built partially under the ground and that face the sun present more affordable eco-friendly options to home builders.

Recycled Modern Homes

A recycled modern home in ChileAn interesting design, made from recycled containers

This option is best if you aren’t in a position to rebuild but you need to do some renovations to make your house more energy efficient. Recycled modern homes make use of materials that would otherwise be thrown out and take up space in landfills. Some common, practical ideas to make your home modern recycled include using denim for insulation or remodelling a roof with old rafter beams. Of course what you do and how you do would depend on the materials you have access to.

Mid Century Modern Homes

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If you do want to buy a new home but minimise the work you have to do it, mid century homes have open plan architecture, are more likely to have natural floors and often include interior courtyards or sun rooms. Houses that have lots of smaller rooms that are connected by hallways are harder to keep warm and more expensive to illuminate and heat.

Window insulation can also make a major difference to the cost and power required to keep your home warm.

Solar Panels and Energy Efficient Appliances

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Energy and water efficient appliances boast up to 40% more efficient appliances than their standard counterparts. Converting to energy and water efficient appliances and replacing your lighting fixtures with LED bulbs will make a significant difference to your utilities bill and provide you with a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living.

To go completely off the grid, a solar system will provide you with the power you need to power certain appliances, or even your entire home.

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