Creative LED Ideas for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area or Hut

A creative example of how LED lighting can transform your hut


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If you have an outdoor entertainment area or garden hut, LED lighting does an excellent job of providing high quality lighting at affordable prices. LEDs can be used indoor or outdoors and are especially useful if you want to make your lighting more creative. Here are some creative ideas on how to get the most from your LED Hut.


1. Use LED Spotlights for Accents


Light your outdoor entertaining area with LED


LEDs are a marvellous complement if you have an outdoor fire or barbeque area. You can dot them over your outdoor fridge, cooking area or table to produce focused light. You also use down lights to accentuate design features or plants in your LED Hut.


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2. Get the Disco Effect


Colour LED Lighting


If your outdoor entertainment area is used for dancing and parties, there is a range of colour-changing LEDs that will make it lots more fun. Add some life into your next outdoor party with colourful LEDs that brighten up any night-time event.


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3. Use LEDs for Practical Lighting


LED lighting for garden sheds


If your outdoor area is used for storing tools and garden ware, you will need decent quality lighting to be able to illuminate the shed or hut. If you use your LED Hut for growing plants or vegetables, there are specially designed LED Grow Lights that do an excellent job of feeding seedlings with the right amount of light, at a much more affordable electricity cost. When it comes to hydroponics, LED Grow Lights can ensure your plants grow five to ten times faster than if you were using metal halide lighting. Furthermore they also emit the red and blue light that plants require to develop chlorophyll to grow fast and develop into healthy plants.


4. LED Garden Lighting


LED Garden Lighting


Whether you are just an avid gardener who likes to appreciate your surroundings day and night, or if you like throwing parties where your garden literally comes alive, LED garden lighting is ideal. You can choose from a selection of down lights, square and round floodlights to enhance the foliage you have growing in your garden.


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5. LED Flood Lights for Safety


A secure home starts with LED Flood Lighting


Shop LED FloodlightsWhether you have guests over or are at home alone, LED flood lights will bathe your garden in light, making it secure at up to 90% less electricity than if you were using traditional light bulbs. Good illumination is one of the most effective ways of securing your home and making it less attractive to intruders.


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If you think these ideas are great, just wait until you hear what the customer service specialists and LED gurus at LightRabbit have done with their Outdoor LED lights. Ask them!


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