Public Sector Led Lighting

To work efficiently and cost effectively, the public sector needs reliable and high-quality lighting solutions to illuminate its many buildings. Under constant pressure to deliver on taxpayer expectations and work within budgets, organisations within the public sector can benefit immensely from switching to LED lighting solutions, which reduce power consumption and running costs.

How Can LED Lighting Benefit the Public Sector?

Not only will converting to LED lighting solutions reduce lighting costs by up to 90%, it will also reduce maintenance costs and labour. One of LightRabbit’s LED lights can last for up to 50,000 hours, which means it won’t need to be replaced for nearly 30 years.

The public sector can also benefit from safer working environments when using LED ceiling panels, floodlights and downlights because LightRabbit’s LEDs do not contain mercury or emit UV rays.

What Can LightRabbit do for the Public Sector’s Lighting Needs?

In addition to boasting an extensive selection of the latest in LED technology, LightRabbit’s knowledgeable team can provide invaluable insight and advice on how to make buildings, car parks and public spaces more energy efficient.

From strategically placed downlights, to dimmable LED lights, emergency lights and floodlights with motion and PIR sensors, LightRabbit has a solution for every public sector space. No matter how old the building might be, or the number of lamps you replace, LightRabbit delivers expert LED advice and make product recommendations to replace traditional lights with the most cutting-edge LED solutions.

By implementing LED lights in offices and work areas, the public sector can ensure that workers are given high-quality lighting in which to carry out their work. LightRabbit challenges the public sector to lead the way by encouraging the public to invest in more energy efficient solutions.

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Key Benefits:

  • Lighting Energy Savings (Typically 60-85%)
  • Zero Replacement Overheads In Lifetime
  • Product Lifetimes >50,000 Hours Usage
  • Improved Light Levels On Site
  • Impact & Vibration Resistant Products
  • Mercury, UV, & Strobscopic-Effect Free
Public Sector Lighting

Main Products Used:

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