Oil Rig LED Lighting

Oil Rig LED Lighting

Oil Rig LED Lighting

Oil rigs present some of the most treacherous working conditions on the planet and there are few places that can benefit more from LED lighting than oil rigs. Working on an oil rig requires safety and reliability, as well as heavy-duty, safe and robust lighting options. LightRabbit’s range of LED lamps are durable, vibration and impact resistant, and secure which helps ensure rig stations, platforms, and work areas are well-lit.

From energy-efficient floodlights to beacon lights and walkway lights, LightRabbit delivers a product range that you can rely on. Moreover, LightRabbit’s LEDs do not contain any toxic chemicals like mercury, nor do they emit UV or IR radiation. Because LEDs do not lose energy as heat, they are significantly safer than traditional light sources and much more reliable to have on oil rigs.

Why Choose LightRabbit to Illuminate your Oil Drilling Operation?

When you purchase energy-efficient LEDs from LightRabbit, you receive a 50,000 hour (30-year) lifespan on your lamps, which immediately negates your maintenance requirements. No worrying about lights flickering and then dying, leaving you in the dark. Rather than go dark, LED bulbs fade gradually, giving your maintenance crew enough time to notice the issue and resolve it quickly and efficiently. LED bulbs also feature instant switch-on, assuring your workers aren’t stumbling around in the dark while the light warms up enough to provide them illumination.

Purchasing from LightRabbit allows you to choose from a selection of IP54 and IP65 LED lamps which are rated to resist dust, other particles and water penetration.

Just because you are out at sea doesn’t mean you don’t need to save on electricity consumption. Swapping out your traditional lamps for LightRabbit Lightwell LEDs means your drilling operation can save up to 90% on it’s lighting costs.

Speak to the expert team at LightRabbit for an energy efficient, cost-effective, durable and safe lighting solution for your oil rig.

Key benefits

  • Energy Savings

    typically 60-85%

  • Zero Maintenance

    no overheads

  • 50,000 Hours

    product lifetime

  • Improved Light

    better levels

  • Resistant to

    vibration & impact

  • Non Toxic

    mercury & UV free

Main Products Used:

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