LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights

Street lights and area lamps are currently major electricity wasters, and in light of the government’s stance on reducing carbon emissions and light pollution, LEDs pose the ideal solution to combat this wastage. LightRabbit houses one of the most extensive collections of LED street lighting solutions, designed specifically to address this international problem.

Our lighting experts are available to assist organisations with a high-level LED solution for street lighting, no matter the size or scale of the project. Moreover, LightRabbit has the product range to deliver a turnkey solution that can reduce street light electricity use by up to 90%.

Why Convert Street Lights to LED Lamps?

Not only have LEDs helped to reduce energy waste on a massive scale, they’ve also improved the quality of light output, leading to better security and visibility across neighbourhoods and urban areas.

Burning all night and in inclement weather, hundreds of thousands of street lights line roads in urban and suburban areas. By switching to LEDs, government organisations and private companies stand to save as much as 90% of their power costs. This money can be better utilised to benefit taxpayers, and simultaneously make a significant difference to the environment, in terms of light pollution and carbon emissions. LightRabbit’s LEDs are also free of mercury and UV, providing a safer environment for everyone.

LightRabbit’s friendly and efficient customer care team can assist with the appropriate product recommendations to help government bodies maximise their savings and return on LED investment.

We can’t reduce the demand for street lighting (the population is growing all the time), but we can look for more energy efficient solutions that will benefit us now and in the future.

Speak to the expert team at LightRabbit for turnkey street lighting solutions so you won’t be left in the dark.

Key benefits

  • Energy Savings

    typically 60-85%

  • Zero Maintenance

    no overheads

  • 50,000 Hours

    product lifetime

  • Improved Light

    better levels

  • Resistant to

    vibration & impact

  • Non Toxic

    mercury & UV free

Main Products Used:

Check out the full range of sectors and commercial LED lighting options on our main Commercial LED Lighting page here for more information.

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