LED Car Park Lighting

LED Car Park Lighting

LED Car Park Lighting
Superior LED Lighting Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Car Parks

LightRabbit specialises in commercial LED lighting solutions, and our range of car park lighting includes the latest in bulkhead LED lights, LED floodlights and tubes. Whether you want indoor, outdoor or underground LED lighting, LightRabbit has a robust and energy efficient solution for you.

Why Use LEDs for Car Park Lighting?

When you purchase LEDs from LightRabbit, you can look forward to energy savings of up to 90%. And, because your car park lights run all day and all night, switching to LEDs can amount to tremendous savings on your electricity overheads.

By converting to LightRabbit’s superior LED technology in your car park, you can save on maintenance costs. With an estimated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, it is highly unlikely you will need to change your LEDs in your lifetime. LightRabbit’s LEDs are also heavy duty; they’re also impact and vibration resistant, and free of toxic chemicals.

LED Bulk Head Lamps for Indoor and Outdoor Car Parks

LightRabbit’s bulkhead LEDs can be purchased as standard, microwave or motion sensor lamps. Motion sensors make a lot of sense if you want to save even more on your electricity consumption, as they don’t have to stay on all the time.

LED Flood Lights for Safety and Security

With floodlights ranging from 10W to 200W, LightRabbit’s car park LEDs all feature a two-year warranty, ensuring you get value for money. Using very little energy, these LED floodlights are high-powered lamps that will help keep your car park users safe.

The advances in LightRabbit’s LED technology means you can get superior lighting, resulting in better visibility and enhanced safety, at a fraction of the running cost of using traditional lighting solutions. And, the bigger your car park, the greater the savings you recoup over the long term.

Visit LightRabbit.com for the widest selection of LED lights for any car park.

Key benefits

  • Energy Savings

    typically 60-85%

  • Zero Maintenance

    no overheads

  • 50,000 Hours

    product lifetime

  • Improved Light

    better levels

  • Resistant to

    vibration & impact

  • Non Toxic

    mercury & UV free

Main Products Used:

Check out the full range of sectors and commercial LED lighting options on our main Commercial LED Lighting page here for more information.

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