Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting

If you’re looking for lighting that will improve the safety of your organisation as well as decrease costs, you’re guaranteed peace of mind with our extensive range of industrial LED lighting supplies. Industrial organisations will benefit the most when it comes to switching from incandescent bulbs to industrial LED lighting. The industrial sector often demands for long working hours and bright lighting, particularly in large warehouses, making regular light bulbs an extremely expensive option. By installing LightRabbit®’s LED lighting, you can guarantee your enterprises’ annual energy savings to fall between 65-80% in as quickly at 14-24 months.

In industrial environments, health and safety is vital. LED lighting brings a better light quality, meaning you’ll have good colour rendering with no dark patches. In addition to this, LED lights give off 90% less heat than most incandescent light bulbs, giving you better lighting and increasing comfort for your workers. This will boost productivity and smooth flow throughout your workplace.

Key benefits

  • Energy Savings

    typically 60-85%

  • Zero Maintenance

    no overheads

  • 50,000 Hours

    product lifetime

  • Improved Light

    better levels

  • Resistant to

    vibration & impact

  • Non Toxic

    mercury & UV free

Main Products Used:

Check out the full range of sectors and commercial LED lighting options on our main Commercial LED Lighting page here for more information.

Energy Saving Industrial LED Lighting

LED lights are perfect for energy saving as well as costing you less in replacements, due to our industrial LED lighting having more than 50,000 hours of usage. In addition to this, the LED lighting that we sell is impact and vibration resistant, making them even more suitable for industrial purposes. Lighting in the work place can have a profound effect on the well-being and worker vitality of employees, so by using our industrial LED lighting, you can increase the total value of your facility with an effectively lit and attractive environment.

Although LED lights may seem like the most expensive option upfront, they pay for themselves in the long run by dramatically reducing energy bills. There are numerous benefits to switching to industrial LED lighting and there has never been a better time to switch than now, particularly with the Government looking to phase out inefficient light bulbs. This will make energy efficient LED lights more important than ever. We care about the effect we have on the environment here at LightRabbit® and so we take pride in the fact that our products are some of the greenest on the market, as well as being available at unbeatable prices.

Resilient Industrial LED Lighting at LightRabbit

On top of all of this, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all our products. Better still, nearly all of our industrial installations are forecast to remain in place for over 10 years with almost zero maintenance requirements, giving you some of the most resilient industrial LED lighting options available. Here at LightRabbit®, we have the experience to supply your organisation with a quality service, guaranteeing that you get the best LED lighting to suit your needs.

When you have no room for error, you’ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of the LED lighting that we supply, which provides uniform light that will help to increase your employee’s productivity. We’re confident that we can’t be beaten by our industrial LED lighting so whatever your needs are, we’re here to help. 

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