Education LED Lighting

Education LED Lighting

Education LED Lighting

LED Lighting to Switch on the Education Sector

LED lighting delivers an energy-efficient and cost saving solution for schools, universities and colleges. The expert team at LightRabbit can assist organisations in the education sector with turnkey solutions that enable them to provide high light quality at a fraction of the cost of using traditional lamps. And, even better news: because LED light bulbs have an expected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, education bodies can focus on learning and not worry about maintenance and repairs

The Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light

When it comes to lighting up the classroom, LightRabbit has an extremely efficient LED ceiling panel light. Available in 40W and 60W options, the Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light is lightweight and easy to install while delivering 3,200 lumens of light in a full 120-degree beam angle. Replacing a conventional 200W light, it requires only 40W of power to illuminate a classroom or lecture hall. Available in both cool and warm white options, the Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light provides the ideal lighting for learners and teachers.

LED Down Lighting for Education

LightRabbit’s frosted LED ceiling lights are available in 6W, 12W and 18W varieties, and come with their own transformers. When purchased online they come with same-day dispatch and the 90 day money back guarantee LightRabbit is known for so that the education sector can start saving immediately.

Boasting an extensive selection of LED lamps that utilise the latest in LED technology, LightRabbit is well positioned to help the education sector lead the way in terms of environmental responsibility and sustainability. With the correct lighting, students and learners can get much more from their classes, in an ergonomically effective environment.

By switching to LED lighting from LightRabbit, schools, universities and college campuses can save as much as 90% of their lighting electricity. Speak to the team at LightRabbit for a solution that will generate returns for the next five years.

Key benefits

  • Energy Savings

    typically 60-85%

  • Zero Maintenance

    no overheads

  • 50,000 Hours

    product lifetime

  • Improved Light

    better levels

  • Resistant to

    vibration & impact

  • Non Toxic

    mercury & UV free

Main Products Used:

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