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Many of the UK’s famous and not-so-famous corner retails stores are packed to the brim with items for sale that customers don’t actually see. Honestly, people can walk by a shelf of items that haven’t garnered attention in months and this leaves retailers scrambling to find ways to make these items stand out. No matter how fancy the display or how flashy the item, the products aren’t going to sell if people cannot see them.

What do you mean people can’t see them, you ask? Well, one of the worst things about UK retail stores is the lack of adequate lighting. Sure, they have bright fluorescent lights blazing overhead, but does that grainy light actually reach where it needs to go? Can it get into all the nooks and crannies where products hide, waiting to be picked up and purchased? No. Fluorescent lighting is known for being too bright, glaring, inadequate and annoying. What other type of lighting option not only provides you with poor lighting but also a low pitched hum that can drive even the most dedicated of shoppers right out of your store?

Commercial LED lighting is the only way for retailers to show their products in the best light possible. Not only is LED lighting brighter, crisper, and hum-free it also greatly reduces overall energy costs – up to £1,000 in a single year. What business wouldn’t want to save 90% on their energy bills, increase their sales, and literally brighten their sales floor?

Retail LED LightingRetail LED Lighting


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Commercial LED lighting comes in several different options:

There are also LED display lighting options available as well so that retailers can direct attention to product displays in a classy and tasteful fashion.

LightRabbit is one of the UK’s premiere commercial LED lighting suppliers. Our inventory of high quality, money saving, affordable commercial LED lighting options is exceptional. To take a look through our stock of commercial LED lights, visit our website. If you’d like to learn more about how your retail store could benefit from commercial LED lights, contact us.

LED Retail LightingLED Retail LightingLED Retail Lighting


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