Why You Should Invest In LED Bulkhead Lighting For Your Commercial Property

Click here to see our range of LED Bulkhead Lighting - Perfect for home or in a commercial set up

 Click here to see our range of LED Bulkhead Lighting - Perfect for home or in a commercial set up



The lighting in a commercial building works hard so whatever you decide to employ, you need it to be able to keep up the pace of the factory, warehouse or office space it finds itself in.  LED bulkhead lighting is available in a number of different LED lighting solutions for commercial application and the option of Indoor and Outdoor options. Choose between 8W, 12W, 14W and 20W for your commercial space. Some are available with motion sensors, making them ideal for security and to enhance their energy efficient capability even further.

Check out our 12W Indoor LED 2D Bulkhead Lamp 720Lm


The 12W indoor UK LED light is the equivalent of a 75W traditional lamp and provides 720 lumens of light. It is the ideal LED replacement for an old fluorescent light fixture, providing high quality LED lighting and energy efficiency at the same time.


These LED bulbs are renowned for their ability to reduce glare and to improve the overall look of the fitting, proving a perfect balance of form and function. LightRabbit.com’s bulkhead LED lighting is IP54 rated and can be used in public areas like Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitals.


12w Outdoor LED Bulkhead with Microwave Sensor


The 12W outdoor UK LED IP65 is the ideal replacement for incandescent or fluorescent lights. The motion sensor drops to 25% of its power when no movement is picked up. At full brightness it produces 700 lumens of light and you can look forward to a lifespan of up to 30 years.

LightRabbit.com’s most powerful bulkhead is the IP65 20W Microwave Motion Sensor. It is extremely useful in areas like landings on staircases, on hospitals, restaurants, public areas in supermarkets and for security lighting. It is also a good lighting option for factories and mines. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours it is a solid investment for any commercial business to undertake.


8W Outdoor/Indoor LED Bulkhead Lamp - IP65 - Common


LED bulkhead lighting will use 90% less electricity to run which will make a considerable difference to your bottom line and the more power you use, the greater the savings you will enjoy. It will take only six months to recover the cost of changing your LED bulbs over, where after you will start to see improvements on your utilities bill at the end of every month.


Effective LED bulbs can improve work precision and accuracy and productivity, as well as enhance visibility for security and safety purposes.

They emit minimal heat and convert most of the electricity they use into light rather than heat.

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