LED Lighting: The Key to an Excellent Dining Experience?

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Almost everyone will admit that when choosing a restaurant to dine in, the lighting is rarely a factor – but it should be. First of all, without light, we’d be dining in the dark. While that isn’t an alien concept (there are several blind fold dining establishments throughout Europe and the US), it isn’t really practical or safe.

When it comes to choosing a restaurant or providing diners with an excellent dining experience, lighting is crucial. Here’s why.

Mood Lighting

Ever dine in a five-star restaurant where diners are subjected to dingy flickering yellow fluorescent lights? What about dining in a small intimate establishment lit with glaring lights more at home on the front of an emergency vehicle than in a low hanging chandelier?

Lighting isn’t just for seeing, it is also for setting the mood. There’s a reason candlelit dinners are meant for romance.

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Click here to see our entire range of LED Lighting Solutions

Restaurants owners, in an effort to please diners and increase numbers, should consider purchasing and installing LED lights. LED lights are bright and can come in cool or warm white, but they can also be used in conjunction with an LED dimmer switch which allows the restaurant to have the lights on bright during the day, and dim them for more intimate dinner sessions.

Seeing what You’re Eating

Speaking of lights in the dining room, it’s important for diners to see what they’re eating – what’s the point of the chef creating beautiful plates of food if the diners can’t see it?

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Brilliance in the Kitchen

Just as the diner needs sufficient light by which to eat, the chef needs abundant light by which to cook. Sure, the glaring light of fluorescent tube lighting is effective, but when the lights in the kitchen stay on from the early morning hours until the late night hours, the power bill is going to be astronomical. With LED tube lighting in the kitchen, chefs can expect bright, white non-flickering lights that consume less energy, produce more light, and can save the restaurant owner up to 90% on your annual lighting costs.

Not only do LED lights mean a safer, cost effective kitchen, it also means a safer bathroom as well. Think about it, dim lighting in the bathroom is unsafe.

LED lighting in restaurants saves money, provides diners with an excellent dining experience and shines a brilliant light on the delicious, beautiful food.

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