Choose an LED Floodlight over an LED Floodlight Bulb (R7 LED Bulbs)

LED Floodlights

LightRabbit offers a comprehensive selection of LED UK floodlights, ranging from 10W to 200W, at affordable prices. Because of their superior performance, energy efficiency, environmentally-friendliness and durability, floodlight LED bulbs outperform halogens, incandescent lights and CFLs. Here are some convincing reasons you should consider an LED replacement over R7 LED replacement bulbs.

LED Floodlights Are Renowned For Their Long Life and Durability

Shop LED FloodlightsTo put it into perspective: a UK LED floodlight lasts 10 times longer than fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps. Conveniently, they do not go out straight away either; they get dimmer slowly, giving you some notice that you need to buy a replacement. When you buy a LightRabbit LED, however, you can expect a 30 year lifespan from your purchase, so you won’t be needing that replacement any time soon.

LED Floodlights Are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Because they do not need to be changed as frequently as traditional light bulbs, LED light bulbs produce less hazardous waste. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, UK LEDs from LightRabbit use 90% less electricity than conventional lamps while operating at the same wattage output.

You Do Not Lose Any Power to Heat Emissions with LED Floodlights

As we all know, standard light bulbs lose a lot of their energy through heat, and a lot of power is wasted. LED floodlights actually conserve electricity however. And, because they do not cause the ambient temperatures to rise, they can be used safely in cold storage warehouses.

There Is Minimal Maintenance with LED Floodlights

Regular sodium floodlights use a significantly higher amount of electricity to operate. They are also subject to the natural forces such as high winds, extreme temperatures, sun and rain. Cracking and damage is common, and they need to be replaced often to offer security. UK LED Flood lights are housed in very strong casings so they are unlikely to get damaged or break.

LED Lights Produce High Quality Light That Keeps You Safe and Secure

LED Security Lighting

LED floodlights
generate a bright, natural looking light that is very much like daylight. This makes them extremely useful for security. LightRabbit’s 50W floodlight with PIR sensor is the ideal outdoor lighting solution for security, and for those who want to save even more electricity. Available in warm and cool white, this LED floodlight has a 120 degree wide beam angle. Installing ten of these lamps on your property will reap a saving of £1752.00 per year, based on the lights running for eight hours a day.

The LightRabbit website also has a daily best price guarantee and a calculator to show how much your LED product selection has saved you in electricity. To find out how much you can reduce your electricity bill by, please visit

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