Cheap LED Bulbs: Cheap Doesn’t Mean Cheaply Made

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Inexpensive in price but superior in LED quality

If your home or business is like many other homes and businesses in the UK then you are desperately trying to find ways to save money on your everyday costs. One of the most expensive, yet necessary, costs is the cost of energy. If you’ve looked at your electric bill from the past few months you are probably wondering if your electricity was channelled using gold.

Cheap LED BulbsCutting costs across the board can be a good option, but one of the best options is cutting back on the cost of lighting by purchasing and installing cheap LED bulbs. When you hear the word, ‘cheap’, you are probably conjuring up images of bulbs made using inferior materials, but that isn’t the case here. LightRabbit is an online company that offers only the highest quality LED bulbs and lighting accessories. To us, cheap means inexpensive in price but superior in quality.

To save money on your monthly lighting costs you can’t go wrong when you buy a few dozen GU10 LED bulbs and installing them in existing light fixtures in your home or business. The GU10 is similar to the halogen in size so it fits most traditional sockets, but it uses less energy and lasts 3 times longer (up to 50,000 hours). You can save up to 90% on your annual energy costs.

Cheaply made LED bulbs and cheap LED lamps can be dangerous. Sure, they cost less but that is because they cost next to nothing to make because the materials used in their fabrication are inferior. Would you rather have an LED lamp made using cheap materials and cut corners and then deal with the potential hazards? You don’t have to.

LightRabbit is the UK and Ireland’s #1 supplier of well-made and safety certified LED bulbs and lamps. Our cheap LED bulbs are cheap only because they cost less than the same bulb through a different supplier. Our cheap LED lamps are only cheap because we know how to negotiate for lower costs and, because we operate with a minimal staff, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers.

If you’re like to know more about our cheap LED bulbs and cheap LED lamps, contact us.

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