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Buying from Amazon has become an international trend, and it is a sign that the behemoth website certainly has monopolised and captured its market. Purchasing LED light bulbs on Amazon has also taken off. However, as the site continues to grow and resellers are able to register on the site more easily, the quality of some of the UK LED products is slipping.

The counter argument; however, is that poor quality products are subject to customer reviews, and poor products presumably warrant lower reviews.But the fact is, there are countless products on there that haven’t been reviewed, and, we all know how easy it is to pen a good review and use a pseudonym, so that process is not always entirely accurate when you’re buying online. The fact that there is such a broad range of prices listed on there doesn't make it any easier either.

LightRabbit not only prides itself on offering clients the very best LED UK prices on the market, we also assure our clients that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product’s performance. Based in 'Sunny' Jersey Channel Islands, and with offices in London and Dublin, LightRabbit won’t put you through any hassle to return the goods either, plus you always know how to find us and how to get hold of us. Here are some top reasons you should be buying from us.

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1. LightRabbit  Is Committed To Quality

Our support telephone lines run six days a week, from 08h30 to 17h30, so there is always someone on hand to take your call. We also extend a 90-day money back guarantee policy to our clients; that’s how sure we are of the quality of our UK LED light bulbs.

2. We Offer the Best Guarantee

All of our LED light bulbs, floodlights industrial LEDs and residential lighting solutions are backed by an 18 month warranty. This guarantee means that you never take on any risk when you purchase your LED lights from us.

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3. LightRabbit Is a Registered, Reputable Company

LightRabbit® is a registered trademark and property of Light Rabbit LTD and the number one distributor of LED lights in the United Kingdom. By contrast many of the sellers operating on Amazon are inexperienced, and are looking only to make quick sales.


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4. Our Returns Policy Is Quick and Painless

When you buy Light Rabbit LEDs all terms and conditions are clear and concise. All you have to do is return the product to our address, and you will receive a refund or a replacement product.

5. Our Website Is Clear and Easy To Use

We’ve created our website from a user’s point of view. All of our products are backed up with technical info and installation tips. And, if there’s a question that isn’t answered on our site, you know how to get hold of us.

Would you like to put our quality to the test? Order today and qualify for free delivery, risk-free. Visit our website for more details on today’s best prices LightRabbit instead of buying Amazon LED lights.

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