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There’s been a huge increase in LED lighting being used for domestic, commercial and retail purposes and we are proud to have been a part of that movement. High quality LED reflector bulbs like the ones that we supply are perfect for use across homes and commercial properties and are a direct replacement for existing R63 reflector halogen bulbs that have an E27 Edison screw base. LED bulbs are the perfect lighting upgrade, as they reduce energy consumption by up to 90% as well as guaranteeing a long performance life.

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Reduce Energy Consumption With LED Reflector Bulbs

Our LED reflector bulbs have an average life of up to 45,000 hours, reducing the need for constant replacements, saving you both money and time.  If you’re looking for LED reflector bulbs that are both technologically designed to reduce costs and to look aesthetically pleasing for your home or building, then our range of LED bulbs will be perfect for you.

High Quality R50 LED Reflector Bulbs

Deciding to switch to LED bulbs and replace your standard bulbs can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t need to be. With help from our experts who are always on hand to give you advice on the best LED lights for you and your needs, the switch has never been easier. We have three different types of LED reflector bulbs in stock and we are continuing to update this regularly in order to keep-up-to date with the new technologies that will further increase your energy efficiency.

There are numerous benefits to switching from standard halogen and incandescent bulbs to LEDS, with lowering your home or building’s carbon footprint being the main one. LED’s require much less wattage than traditional bulbs, as well as generating much less heat. Our R50, R63 and R80 energy saving LED bulbs are available in a warm white and a cool white so you can decide which look suits your needs best, and their frosted glass cover produces a light output of an incredible 630 lumen. All of our LED reflector bulbs give out a 120 degree beam angle of light and are specifically designed to give the widest beam angle available, so you can light up any room with optimum efficiency and lighting reach. This 120 degree beam angle is replicated in our R50, R63 and R80 LED reflector bulbs, and they give the widest beam angle of any SMD bulb on the market.

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