GU10 LED Bulbs

GU10 LED bulbs are a direct replacement for GU10 halogen bulbs, and are often used for spotlighting and ambient light fixtures. Unlike the old halogen bulbs which can get incredibly hot (as a side effect of the amount of light they put out) GU10 LED lights are ultra-efficient – offering the same amount of light but with no wasted heat. You use up to 90% less energy just by switching to LED GU10 bulbs, and they stay cool to the touch.

Our long lasting, low energy GU10 LED light bulbs come in a range of wattages, producing different levels of brightness (lumens) to suit any room or application. They can even be used with a LED dimmer switch – giving you full control of the light levels in your home.

LightRabbit offers the best range of GU10 LED bulbs in the UK, all of which are direct ‘plug and play’ replacements for halogen spotlights. And we don’t just offer the most competitive pricing around – all our bulbs also come with fast delivery and an extended five year warranty.

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40W Replacement
£ 28.66

RRP £135.00

40W Replacement
£ 107.40

RRP £375.00

45W Replacement
£ 3.40

RRP £5.99

45W Replacement
£ 31.50

RRP £63.54

45W Replacement
£ 150.00

RRP £299.99

65W Replacement
£ 5.50

RRP £10.74

65W Replacement
£ 52.50

RRP £95.99

65W Replacement
£ 255.00

RRP £503.99

50W Replacement
£ 6.16

RRP £17.94

60W Replacement
£ 7.43

RRP £23.94

50W Replacement
£ 4.96

RRP £14.39

75W Replacement
£ 9.76

RRP £29.99

50W Replacement
£ 8.99

RRP £17.94

60W Replacement
£ 9.99

RRP £20.93

25W Replacement
£ 13.49

RRP £20.71

£ 2.99

RRP £3.59

Dimmable LED GU10 Bulbs

Unsure if our GU10 LED bulbs are the right fitting or size for you? Just ask the friendly LightRabbit® customer support team for more info. You can also calculate your savings from our replacement GU10 LED spotlights, read our LED FAQs and check out our GU10 LED bulbs advice section for more information today.